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Five Ways to Become a Well-Respected Basketball Player like the NBA Greats

Updated on November 20, 2016
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Writing is my passion. I have an undying thirst and quest in the field of writing. Some eat, smoke, drink or use drugs when stressed, I writ

Two of the NBA greats: Lebron James and Ray Allen

To become a respectable basketball player one must be a sensational player and have a love for the game. Basketball is a fast growing sport that is very popular, and it is every little boy and almost every little girl’s dream to become an NBA player. Many people have the ability to play basketball with the necessary skills, but everyone does not know how to go about being one who make it to the NBA.

It takes a spectacular player to play well; understand every aspect of the game and become an NBA player. Players like Michael Jordan, Carmelo Anthony, Tim Duncan, Ray Allen, Shaquille O'Neal, Mike Conley, the great chosen one LeBron James, and my personal favorite Kareem Abdul-Jabbar are a few of the well-known NBA basketball champions.

To become a skillful basketball player, it involves a lot more than just aiming and shooting the ball. The game of basketball requires the players to be focus, have good health, great abilities – like the capability to make smart decisions, fearless–not afraid of failure, work well with a team, accept uncertainty, know your role and study the game.

You can be the best player on the team, or you might sit at the end of the bench, but remember, you play a team sport, and everybody has room for improvement. If you sit at the end of the bench and blame your coaches for the lack of playing time, don't get mad at Him instead use it as a learning experience, dedicate time to improving and you will grow as a player.

To become a good basketball player, it takes a lot of time and dedication. Becoming a good basketball player mean you need to train hard daily and understand every aspect of the game.

Here are five beneficial tips on how to be a good basketball player

Way #1 Have Fun

A good basketball player can play his best when he is having a good time. No matter what age, what type of skills a player processes or how competitive a player is if he is not having fun he will not play well. A good basketball player knows how to take on a leadership role, how to go about dealing with all the emotional stress and manage to turn it all into fun.

Accept uncertainty and remain optimistic. A good basketball player accepts life is full of uncertainty and stay positive. He does not waste time trying to foresee but understand things will go wrong. A good player response well and focuses on striving to be the best in every game. Also, a good player never wastes energy being negative because he believes his outcome is as likely as any other player. All of us will experience some form of uncertainty at some point or sometimes during our lifetimes. It is the standard functions that are considered when dealing with life.

Way #2 Train hard with other good basketball players

Make sure to train hard daily with others good basketball players. Everybody knows that practice makes a person perfect. It is also critical to be in good shape to be able to run up and down the basketball court.

It is also important to keep fit and stay healthy. To be a good basketball player and maintain good energy level one need to eat well, exercise regular and get enough sleep. Keeping fit and staying healthy will allow a good player to keep going during basketball season, especially since they need to be able to play as much as possible during a four-quarter game.

Way #3 Study every aspect of the Game and Make Smart Decisions

To be a good basketball player a person has to know every aspect of the game to play well and know how to make smart decisions. One can have the ability to outrun or outjump the next person, but if he does not have the capacity to complete the play or know the rules, it defeats the purpose.

Think outside the box. A good basketball player will think outside the box and get rid of the ‘me’ illusion so he can be open to good coaching as well as suggestions, and not confine himself inside the box to his own area of ‘expertise.’

Way #4 Play with heart and confidence

To be good at whatever you do you have to do it from the bottom of your heart and with confidence. Believing in yourself and being confident is a great start to be good and doing it to the best of your abilities.

Be Persistent a good basketball player is always persistent and knows his values. He does not give up because the team is losing. A good player is expected to not only take the lead but be able to think to survive in an uncharted territory even if there no road map to follow. Persistence is possible only when a good player finds new and creative ways to keep going when facing challenges. He is also able to achieve a positive outcome and build on the foundation of purpose. Success is usually more to do with determination besides the player does not have to be a genius.

Way #5 Know how to fake a good play

The ultimate success secret to being a good basketball player is to be able to simulate a game and never allow the next player to tell you faking or know your play. This makes the play twice as efficient and gives the player a powerful way to fake their opponent and get the open for the shoot.

Be flexible and creative. A good basketball player has to be flexible and always look for creative solutions. When he is unable to achieve success one way, he tries another course of action and responses to all problems by pushing through by force. He put in play the road map provided by the coach to know that he need actually to develop the power to take the lead and win.

The game of basketball is a sport where a player has to be good at playing. That is why it is important for the player to learn every aspect of the game so they can be successful in the play. To become a better player, one has to practice their shooting and also be able to keep up with their opponent. They must process the ability to catch or release the ball at the proper moment. To be able to do this one must be in good shape because a person can only play as good as the body allows. If you are not in good shape, you will not be able to be a good player.

What to expect from being a good basketball player and receiving a career

The type of attention that will be required of a person who wants a basketball career may be limitless. He will need to invest much time and energy. The time spent will be a change that will affect a person everyday life. It will require not just small adjustments and settle in their way of living but the type of attention that sometimes make a player unable to find his own identity. He must deal creatively with a fast growing sport in a modern world and be able to form a true identity while trying to stay relevant with all walks of life.

These many changes may include training hard daily and remain optimistic, knowing what actions to take, good communication with the team, taking a leadership role, motivating the team, keeping fit and staying healthy, knowing your own area of expertise, making good decision, and being persistence to get that is wish and want out of the game. However, don’t fear these changes because when you love the game, you can adjust to any change that comes about in the cocoon of change to a gorgeous butterfly.

Transition Offense Diagram

Running a transition offense (A Play to assist in being a well respected player)

There are many different ways to run a transition offense, but the most efficient way is to use a guard or a small forward to run three lanes. The guard or forward will come up the floor, a "trailer", and "prevent" a person from coming straight up the middle of the floor and up the other lanes of each sideline. (diagram A) to the side

Special Situations: 2-on-1 Break (A Play to assist in being a well respected player)

Whenever a player finds himself in a 2-on-1 situation while attacking the hoop, His first thinking should be to go immediately for the score otherwise he should try to get fouled. While scoring, He should attack the hoop along the lane line. While he is attacking the hoop, the teammate should be at the opposite low block or look for the pass if not a rebound. Nonetheless, if the defender comes up to set up a charge; it best to pass the ball to your teammate. 2-on-1 diagrams below

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© 2016 Pam Morris


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