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Spanking a child outdated? Maybe, but I am thankful for every lick (ouch!) I got

Updated on September 17, 2014

In today's world my parents, Joe and Hazel Hampton, would be considered child abusers. There is absolutely no doubt about that.

I got whipped with switches, belts, and even the straps off a golf bag (My father was a professional golfer). Those whippings hurt. And they also left welts similar to those shown on the 4-year-old son, of Adrian Peterson, the NFL football star who, has been barred from the NFL pending the outcome of his alleged child abuse case. .

I can tell you those whippings, beatings, spankings, abusive acts _ whatever you want to term them _ taught me a very good sense of right and wrong. I learned early in my life there are consequences, sometimes dire consequences, for wrong actions.

Looking back, because I certainly didn't feel that way at the time, what I also grew to learn from those actions is no one in this world love me more than my mother and father. I was blessed to have had them as my parents, teachers and disciplinarians.

My dad use to say: "I'm going whip you, cause I love ya. The world is gonna whip you, and don't give a damn about you."

He was, right, too.

Now, I can't speak for Peterson's disciplining of his child, and really, none of us can. I do not think he was trying to deliver serious bodily harm, otherwise the welts would be all over his son's body, like his his face, head and neck, instead of just his lower extremities. That fact, at least in my mind, is very important.
I think Peterson was trying to deliver the same tough love that literally generation of parents have done in the African-American community.

And, that tough love is needed more than ever when you consider the perilous times young African-Americans, in particularly African-American men, are living in. Consider Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and an entire list of young black men, who have died needlessly. Then, consider the lures of gangs and drugs that often lead to violence in the streets of African-American communities..

So, it is hard for me to turn my back on a tried and true principal that worked in my generation. We got whippings. My teacher would whip me. My neighbor, Ms. Maggie Smith, God rest her beautiful soul, would spank me, call my mom, and then another spanking was waiting at home.

I truly believe the result of those lessons _ along with many others _ was a generation that didn't whine, complain, and feel sorry for ourselves. We got it done. We've become doctors, lawyers, writers, teachers, college presidents and succeeding in all walks of life.
I know my parents deserve a lot of credit for the successes I have had.

Perhaps Peterson went too far with his discipline. I will not argue against that point. I also agree there are different ways to discipline a child that doesn't include spankings..

And, perhaps, physical punishment is no longer the right way.
Say what you will..... but I will say it worked for me, and an entire generation like me.


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    • Rickey Hampton Sr profile imageAUTHOR

      Rickey Hampton 

      4 years ago from Detroit, Mi.

      Thanks, Alpha Dog! I really think a lot of the stuff we see today would not exist with tougher parenting. If I wore my jeans down over my butt I can see my dad popping me every time!

    • Alphadogg16 profile image

      Kevin W 

      4 years ago from Texas

      Ricky Hampton Sr, If there was a like button on this article I would hit it 1000 times. Amen brother. Discipline is not the enemy of enthusiasm. My parents punished me as well and I'm eternally grateful. In today's society it seems like we want to label things/problems instead of resolving them. Thumbs up on your hub.


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