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Scuba Diving in Ibiza

Updated on February 19, 2017

Discover Scuba Diving

Discover a new sport in a new atmosphere where you can float around like a spaceman and explore like you are discovering a new world. Scuba diving brings this enjoyment and excitement to the world beneath the waves. Scuba diving brings a lifetime of new challenges and adventures even you know just the basics a whole new environment is open for you to discover and explore. On the Island of Ibiza you can learn this new skill and earn your PADI certificate by taking a few hour courses which will give you the option to dive anywhere in the world. And for those who have got the bug and want to extend their knowledge of scuba diving can in Ibiza. Ibiza is a small Island part of the Balearic's with a number of great dive sites.

Learning to dive on the Island

Learning to dive in Ibiza might seem strange as the Island is known as the party Island and of course drinking the night before and then trying to dive is very dangerous. Ibiza is also known as one of the best chill-out islands in Europe and that brings some good spirit to anybody who wants to learn. Ibiza also has something that makes learning to scuba dive even more attractive and that is the warm clear blue waters and the excellent sea conditions during the summer months, which are from May to September. So warm waters and excellent conditions along with the holiday experience to keep you in a relaxed mood. Learning to scuba dive starts with a good instructor who introduces you to the world and rules of scuba diving, and most importantly learning how to breathe underwater and doing all this safely. The basics behind an instructor are for him/her to teach you the working physics and physiology of diving and also the knowledge of any unexpected situations that could possibly happen underwater. All the dive instructors are PADI certified and professional. Some of the things that you will learn are buoyancy skills to be comfortable with descents and ascents and breathing underwater. Keeping warm underwater, improving your swimming skills and buddy diving. You will also be taught about the diving environment and the aquatic life that you may come across. More training comes with the introduction to boat diving.

Where to learn scuba diving

Ibiza has plenty of great dive centers all over the Island that all follow PADI methods of training. Punta Dive, Sea Horse Diving, Arenal Diving Ibiza and Ibiza Diving College are some of the biggest on the Island. Arenal Diving are a 5 star dive center based in San Antonio who work very close with Ibiza Diving College.Ibiza diving college is the place to start your dive lessons, they have an experienced team of divers and they have a massive amount of experience in teaching new people to scuba dive.

Most resorts have a dive centre and depending where you stay on the Island and what kind of diving sites you want to see is your choice.

What part of the Island should you stay?

If you are coming to Ibiza for holiday then you might want to be around the San Antonio area either main San Antonio or San Antonio Bay which is further around the coast from the main town of San Antonio. San Antonio is the largest resort of the Island and has been popular throughout the past three decades for tourism. San Antonio has something for everyone, which also includes some of the hot spots for watching the sunset in places like Café Del Mar, Mamba and Khumharas café. San Antonio is also the home of Ibiza Rocks Hotel among many more popular hotels. The reason we say stay in this area it's because San Antonio is within ten minutes boat ride from some of the best dive spots on Ibiza.

Weather and temperatures

The weather in Ibiza is fairly hot throughout the summer months which are from May to end of September. The waters around the Island stay relatively calm all year round and the temperatures of the waters get to a maximum of 23 centigrade and the lowest temperature during the winter months of around 6 centigrade.

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