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Learn how to Dunk and increase your Vertical Leap

Updated on March 17, 2014

How to increase Vertical Leap

To properly achieve a dunk, you must have a good vertical leap. The shorter you are, the larger your leap has to be. The fastest way possible to get a high vertical you will need to go to the gym. If you do not have access to one, it will take some time longer and you will not achieve as good of as a result. You will still get a great result from home training if you don't give up.

Special Gym Training

If you have access to a gym, these are the workouts you should do together with the other workouts.

  • Squats with heavy weights: Do around 5, take a break. Do it until it hurts. Take a break for a couple of days and repeat
  • Do the calf raises but with really heavy weights
  • Leg Curls are very good way to increase your muscles
  • Anything that will seriously tire out your legs fast

Main Exercises

These are the main exercise that will be crucial if you want to increase your vertical. Do these once every 2 days or every day if you are willing to take a risk. You have to be fit and not overweight to have a good jump. Excess weight is not an option.

  • Skipping: This is very helpful for increasing your vertical. It doesn't build a lot of height after a while, but it is crucial to do. Skipping will stretch out your Achilles and your leg muscles and will also burn fat really fast. It will also get your body used to jumping and build some muscles in your legs and in your core. Do from around 300-700 skips(the ones with 2 feet on the floor) a day.
  • Squats: These will help a lot and increase your explosive jump. Squats will work on your thighs and strengthen them up. Thigh and calf muscles are the most important. Do around 25-100 a day. If you have heavy weights like 40-60 pounds, USE IT! It will build muscle faster and increase your vertical even more. But of course, if you use weights do less squats.
  • Calf Raises: These are also really crucial. They build the calf muscle which helps your leg leap of the floor. To do to a calf raise, go onto a stair, put only your toes onto it and raise your self up and down repeatedly. Do around 15-20 a set and do 4 sets a day. If that is easy, add some weights and do it on one leg.
  • Lunges: These help stretch out the muscle and also increase your jump. Do around 4 sets of 20-30 and adding weights help.

Short video on how to train your leg muscles in other ways

In this video it will show you how you can train and build your leg muscles with chair steps and leaps. Very good short workout, better if you do it with weights!

What is your favourite exercise for vertical?

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Never Give Up

Never give up on your workout. If you want to be a good basketball player, working out sometimes doesn't cut it. Get strong, get better. Keep on improving. Do not lose sight and become lazy.

Hard work beats talent if talent fails to work hard - Kevin Durant


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    • viking305 profile image

      L M Reid 2 years ago from Ireland

      Very interesting and useful article about workouts