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Indian Sports Industry

Updated on June 26, 2015

Cricket is worshiped while other sports are neglected

The nation is inclined towards cricket with majority of fans in the country supporting it. There are a lot of football fans in the nation however not for the country but other football leagues like Chelsea, Manchester United and Liverpool etc. It does not mean cricket must be left and other sports must be given concentration and importance. It only means that equivalent importance must be provided to other sporting activities as well.

Poor performance in national sport hockey

India used to perform well in hockey in 1970s and other nations would fear India when Dhyan Chand had the possession of the ball. However, the country made the mistake of not giving enough importance and not rectifying the fault during initial stages of downfall of hockey in the country. Now it has become too late and other nations around the world have put themselves in a very powerful position with respect to this sport.

Lack of encouragement from parents and educational institutions

It is necessary to note that many young students perform well in their schools and colleges but they do not dare to choose it as their profession. The fear of failure halt their progress towards choosing this as their career option. There are not many predecessors from the country to stand as motivation to help the students who perform well in sports. Moreover, most of the parents of the students in India do not encourage their children much in sports while they make them concentrate only in studies. Even most of the educational institutions in India do not give value to sports. The physical training hour every day during school days is allotted for studies if the syllabus is not completed. The institutions feel proud to produce hundred percent in public exam rather than producing Usain Bolt or Michael Phelps.

Lack of support from government

The government does not allocate enough money for sports unlike other countries. Even if allocated, a lot of money is taken up by the politicians and do not reach as welfare measures for the players. A lot of politics in the medieval stages do not help people from lower middle class or below poverty line to come up and showcase their talents. Corruption has increased in the sports sector as well and the name of the country was spoiled during the Commonwealth games where a lot of money was considered as scam.

Lack of inspiration for players

Even one or two players who come up after a lot of struggle find themselves without direction after a point. The lack of sponsors for other sports and players make it difficult for the motivated players who wanted to showcase their talents.

What can change the nation do with respect to sports?

The victory of country in the Olympics in a particular sport can boost the progress of that sport in the country. It is interesting to note that for the past three Olympics, the sport which had won medal for us has never dropped off in the subsequent years. When we get even a single medal in an Olympic sport, it contributes a lot to the welfare of the sports in the nation.

Indian Performance in previous five appearances in Olympics

Year Olympics
Total Medals

Human Resource Wasted

People in the country are not even aware of all the sports that exists in the world. The water sports are highly neglected in the country. The human resource in the country does not pose as advantage for sports in the country.

Responsibility of the nation

It is the duty of every leading Indian based multinational company to take up a particular sport and sponsor for it and support the players and the game till the players qualify for the Olympics. The governments must increase the budget allocated for sports and the funds allocated for sports must be directly monitored by the government.

The Future

Other than cricket, the sports that are starting to emerge well in the country include chess, shooting, tennis, badminton, wrestling and boxing. With efforts, football and hockey can grow well in the nation. It is the duty of the social media to give importance to all sports and increase its fan base thus encouraging the upcoming talents in those games.

Do you think India will shine in sports in future?

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    • FlourishAnyway profile image

      FlourishAnyway 3 years ago from USA

      I've never considered this question. Interesting hub, Seshagopalan. Never fear failure. It's just a learning experience.