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Innova Disc Golf

Updated on May 26, 2014

Innova Disc Golf: The Best in Disc Golf

Innova is the leading disc golf company for a reason. They consistently produce the highest quality discs that dominate the disc golf course like no other company. On this page we will be looking at the best discs Innova disc golf has to offer beginning with their great starter sets. We will also look at the great drivers, mid-range discs, and putters Innova disc golf features.

Innova Disc Golf Starter Sets

Innova Disc Golf makes a plethora of great discs for people of all skill levels and if you are looking to get started in the wonderful world of disc golf, you should check out one of Innova's disc golf starter sets. Below are a few great options to look at if you are in the market for a new set of Innova discs.

Innova Disc Golf Drivers

I have picked 5 Innova disc golf drivers that I believe to be the best starting with the Innova Star Boss. The Star Boss has been rated as the fastest disc golf disc on the market while it also maintains excellent stability and grip while giving you the flexibility to throw different kinds of shots such as the backhand, forehand, tomahawk, etc. The Innova Champion Groove is the only other disc on the market to match the Star Boss' speed rating of 13. It is an excellent disc for speed and distance. The Innova Star Archon, the Innova Champion Ape, and the Innova Star Vulcan are three other great choices for drivers. They all provide plenty of speed and distance and would round out a very formidable driver set with the Innova Boss and Innova Groove discs. I would really recommend all 5 of these discs because every hole has different characteristics that require slightly different discs and there is also the possibility that you lose your disc on the course such as getting lost in shrubbery or getting thrown off a cliff, which believe me, is something that can happen while playing disc golf.

Innova Disc Golf Mid-Range Discs

The mid-range game is very important and I have included 5 Innova disc golf mid-range discs for you to check out. All 5 of these are great options which will give you balance, stability, and control on those tricky mid-range shots. I have these discs ranked in order from what I believe to be the best option on top, with the Innova Panther, and the Innova Cobra rounding out the top 5. Much like the drivers, it is important to have multiple mid-range discs in your collection due to terrain, distance, wind and other factors while you also never know when you are going to lose a disc on the course. It's the same reason why you bring many golf balls with you when golfing because you never know when you will hit one into the water hazard or in a forest somewhere. All 5 of these discs are excellent options, it is just that I believe the Innova Panther to be the best.

Innova Disc Golf Putters

Innova disc golf putters are as high quality as their drivers and mid-range discs. I've once again listed 5 top notch discs, this time putters. Disc golf putters have much firmer plastic and don't travel far which give you good control in those crucial putting situations, whether they are up close or from a distance. Putters are much slower which is purposeful because you need to have control when closing out the hole. These putters are all excellent, but I believe the Innova KC Pro Aviar is the best of the bunch.

Dominate the Competition with Innova Disc Golf!

I hope this page has informed you as to the great products Innova disc golf has to offer. In my opinion, if you use discs made by Innova disc golf, you will have more success and consistency on the disc golf course than you will with any other brand. Check back to this page for updates often, and keep on enjoying the disc golf course with Innova disc golf!

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