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IQ Bow Sight

Updated on September 29, 2012

IQ Bow Sight

Consistent shooting for archers requires consistent form. Bow hand torque and varying your anchor point are two of the most critical errors that an archer can make that will negatively affect arrow placement. Oftentimes, an archer doesn't even realize that they are being affected by these issues, but the resulting arrow groupings let them know that something is wrong. The Retina Lock by IQ Bow Sights just may be the solution to these problems which ail many hunters. This simple to use bow sight let's you know if your form is being affected by bow hand torque, or a change to your anchor point. See what this innovative bow sight does and how it works.

Bow Hand Torque and Inconsistent Anchor Point

Archers know that consistent shooting comes as a result of consistent form. Once you have your bow sighted in correctly, small variations in your shooting form can yield inconsistent results. The most common things that cause inconsistent shooting are bow hand torque and changes to your anchor point.

One of the main causes of torque and anchor point issues is cold weather. Most people typically sight in their bows during warm weather. They are probably wearing a T-shirt or to light weight clothing. Their shot patterns are consistent, and they are satisfied with their results. Then cold weather arrives and hunters start layering their clothing for warmth. Add a hunting jacket or coat, and these bulky layers result in changes to a hunter draws their bow, anchors, and releases their arrow. Bulky clothing, awkward shooting positions, and adrenaline that comes with a shooting situation can all negatively affect your shot.

Did you know that distance amplifies error when shooting your bow? That is why many hunters can consistently make shots at 20 yards, but will miss at 30 or 40 yards, even if their sight pins are dead on. A 1/4 inch variation in your anchor point can cause you to be off by 5 inches on a 20 yard shot. Take that same shot at 40 yards, and you could be off by as much as 10 inches.

The Solution

One of the best ways to correct these issues is by using the Retina Lock IQ bow sight. The Retina Lock has a had a green retina on the top of the sight bracket, with a little black dot inside of it. Once adjusted, you can be assured of a proper anchor point, and no bow hand torque by ensuring that the little black dot is centered inside of the green retina. If the dot is to the left or right of the retina, then you are torquing your bow. If the dot is high or low, you have an issue with your anchor point. If the dot is centered exactly in the retina, then you are ready for the money shot!

Another great tip for better consistency is to wear your hunting jacket when sighting in your bow and practicing. While this can be uncomfortable during the warmer months, it will allow you to experience the added bulk and variations it causes to your form before you are in the stand.

IQ Bow Sight Demonstration Video - See how it works!

What Do The Pros Say About IQ Bow Sights?

I'll often look for feedback from professional archers and hunters when looking for equipment for my bow. This gets rid of all the marketing hype, and lets you take advice from people who hunt for a living. They know their equipment and want the best of the best for their bow.

Jay & Tammi Gregory are professional hunters who are often featured on the Outdoor Channel Network. When interviewed about the IQ Bow Sight, Tammi stated that she had no idea how much she torqued her bow until she used the Retina Lock. Now when she is at full draw, she takes that last second to make sure that the black dot is lined up in the green, and it gives her the confidence that she needs. Jay stated that he really liked the fact that the fiber optics are encased, so you don't have to worry about breaking them. They are extremely bright when they need to be, and they tone down in brighter light.

Jim Shockey stated that he is not one that will switch his equipment for no good reason. He sticks to what works. But he recently switched to the IQ Bow Sight Retina Lock, and will be shooting it from here on out. He said that the Retina Lock shows him when he is holding his bow wrong, and allows him the opportunity to correct it.

Of course, everyone knows Babe Winkelman from the outdoor TV shows. When Babe was interviewed, he stated that in his opinion, the IQ Retina Lock was the most incredible sight that has ever been developed for the archery industry. He loved the fact that this sight teaches you how to more effectively hold and shoot your bow, allowing you the opportunity to correct and compensate for error before shooting.

So don't take it from me, take it from the pros. The IQ Bow Sight Retina Lock can help you shoot more consistently.

Reader Feedback - What is Your Favorite Bow Sight?

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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I have a friend that has an IQ bow sight and loves it for deer hunting and target practice. :)


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