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is GSP vulnerable like Roy Jones Jr?

Updated on December 26, 2010

Can't finish fights

Georges St. Pierre is called by some one of the best pound for pound fighters in MMA. Ironically so has Roy Jones Jr. in boxing. Both have two things in common. They are vulnerable and don't like to be hit. In reality no fighter is invincible nor 100% always in top form. First explanation will be with Roy. When Roy got KO'd by Antonio Tarver it went down hill and changed from there. Roy seen he can be beat so he changed his style to not be hit, basically boxing on his tip toes. Which he still got KO'd another time afterwards. Opposing fighters see this.

To GSP, nearly all of his matches ever since his KO loss has been on the mat grappling. Many people say his matches are quite boring. Although he wins its the same technique every time so he doesn't get hit. Another problem is that he doesn't finish his opponents no matter how bad he's beaten them. Fighters who pay attention will see that he is not a KO guy and can trade blows with him. Not being able to finish would actually give his opponent more confidence since they will have extra chances to win, plus he has more to lose not them. When a fighter is a champion or top tier and is too cautious that is a red flag they know they can be beaten. Like Roy, what happens when being cautious doesn't work well and your thrown a curve ball? Then what next? I've notice when most good fighters are thrown curve balls they don't fair too well. Hopefully for GSP it won't be too soon.

A true "pound for pound" fighter isn't afraid of a mistake nor afraid of a challenge.


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      deeman1025 7 years ago

      i love mma .this has good info .


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