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Jessica Ennis - A Great British Superstar

Updated on October 11, 2014

Great Britain's Superstar Athlete

Jessica Ennis could probably be regarded as the Superstar of the Olympics for us in Great Britain, having swiftly become the 'Nations Sweetheart' that has inspired generations to come.

So... who is Jess, you might ask? And therefore I might tell!

Jessica Ennis is the current Olympic Champion for the Heptathlon. Having won this gruelling track and field event consisting of 7 events (100m hurdles, high jump, shot put, 200m, long jump, javelin and 800m) at the Home (she's from Sheffield, England) London 2012 Summer Olympics - she's written herself into the hearts of the British public (myself included!)

Following her success at the Olympics, Jess was awarded a 'CBE' (some cool honour the Queen gives out in the UK for special reignition each year) and came 2nd in the BBC's Prestigious 2012 Sports Personality of the Year (I had hoped she'd win but some cyclist with massive sideburns pipped her to the post...)

Having been (probably!) the most publicised athlete leading up to the Olympics in 2012 (in Great Britain anyway!) her achieved is even more impressive. Around the Olympic time, I swear every other tv advert or newspaper article was actually about Jess! So with all this pressure - she truly is an inspiration to us all!!

I hope you enjoy this page about Jess and appreciate the phenomenal achievements she's so far had to date!

P.S. She's not so bad looking either! ;)

Check Out Jess' Biography.. - Jessica Ennis: Unbelievable - From My Childhood Dreams To Winning Olympic Gold

I've not read this biography yet.. but I plan to! It's regarded as a great read that'll make you fall in love with the lovely Jess Ennis all over again! For that reason alone, I wait with great anticipation to having a read!

If you've already read the book, please let me know in the comments towards the bottom of the page! Would love to know what you thought! :)

Be honest.... - Quick Poll

Right... I'm assuming (although you should never do this I'm told!) that you've all heard of Jessica Ennis now that the 2012 London Olympics has passed! So be honest...

What are your thoughts on Jessica Ennis?

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adidas miCoach - Featuring Jessica Ennis!

I've used the iPhone version of this back in 2011 when I started to take up running again - and it was always great to hear the superstar that is Jess Ennis encouraging you along the way!

Raising An Olympian - by Jessica Ennis' Mum

Check out this video by Alison Powell - talking about the up brining of her, now(!), extremely famous daughter - Jessica Ennis!

Having been brought up around the Sheffield area, it's nice to hear all about how she developed into the Superstar she became!

Jessica Ennis and Her Perfect Bum - Britain's Best Bottom??

I just noticed this video on YouTube and I thought I would share it with any other Jess Ennis fans out there ;-D

(I'm not a creep... honest!!!)

Useful Links

Below are some really useful links that relate to Jessica Ennis and her home town of Sheffield!

Jessica Ennis Wins Gold in London 2012 Heptathlon - Brilliant Moment of 2012!

One of the finest moments of the Olympics (for anyone British anyway!). Jessica Ennis seals her golden Heptathlon display with a win in the 800metres - the final event of her gruelling competition!

With the pressure of being the 'Poster Girl' for Britain, to publicise and advertise the Olympic games in London, it was an INCREDIBLE achievement for this South Yorkshire lady to pull off a remarkable victory!!

Enjoy the clip!

Ok - so I've said my bit and expressed my glowing opinions of Jessica Ennis - but what do you think?

Would love to hear your thoughts no matter where you are located in the world!

What Are Your Views on Jess Ennis?

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    • Loretta L profile image

      Loretta Livingstone 5 years ago from Chilterns, UK.

      She's Britains's golden girl. Not only did she win, I believe she smashed some records, including the heptathlon? I watched some of it live! Fan blooming tastic!