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Bucktail Jigs, Parachute Jigs and Other Jigs for Fishing

Updated on November 14, 2014

Jigs and Jigging - Bucktail Jigs, Parachute Jigs and Other Jigs

This page discusses jigs for freshwater and saltwater fishing.

Bucktail jigs are traditional lures for saltwater and freshwater fishing. Bucktails and other types of jigs are available in sizes from 1/16 oz. to 32 oz. or more.

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Bucktails and Other Jigs

Bucktail jigs include many of the oldest, simplest and most popular saltwater and freshwater fishing lure designs. Jigs are available in sizes for any fishing situation, including lure weights from 1/16 oz. to monster jigs of 32 oz. or more. Lead head jigs are divided into 2 basic categories; bare hooks and skirted lures. Both types of jigs are well known for catching fish and have a wide variety of applications in saltwater fishing.

The smallest jigs that employ dear hair are called shad darts. These unique jigs feature a simple head with an angled face and a tiny amount of bucktail tied to the hook. Shad darts usually feature gold colored hooks which are thought to act as an attractant. These old school jigs come in sizes from about 1/4 oz. down to micro jigs of 1/32 oz. Shad darts catch shad, herring, panfish and a variety of baitfish.

Bare jigs are meant to accommodate soft plastic bodies or in some cases natural baits. A myriad of soft plastic bodies are available, including designs that mimic shad, herring, bunker, silversides, eels, ballyhoo and other species of baitfish.

Skirted jigs usually have a painted head and are dressed with a body made of deer hair (called bucktail), feathers or synthetic materials. One of the oldest artificial lures is the bucktail jig. These jigs can be fished alone or combined with soft plastics or natural baits such as pork rinds, squid, bloodworms, fish belly strip baits, eel skins, cut crab or other local options.

Plastic Jig Bodies

The variety of plastic jig bodies today is astounding. Products include plastic grubs, shad bodies, worms, crawfish, shrimp, eels, tube lures and others.

Striped Bass Jigs

Umbrella Rigs, Parachute Jigs, Dredges and More

Jigs have many applications for striped bass fishing.

Small jigs are often used to cast or jig for schoolie stripers. Larger jigs are used while fishing for larger striped bass.

In places such as the Chesapeake Bay, anglers troll large jigs in singles, pairs or as part of umbrella rigs or dredges.

Umbrella rigs contain several teasers which attach to the arms of the rig. A jig is attached at the center and trails just behind the group of teasers.

Parachute rigs are another type of large jig. Parachutes are trolled to catch striped bass and bluefish. They feature inverted synthetic hair, attached similar to sea witch skirting. Parachute jigs can be monsterous in size, from 4 to over 30 oz.


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