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Jogging Shoes - Champion C9

Updated on May 25, 2014

Champion C9 Athletic Shoes

Looking for a comfortable, stylish, high performance and affordable athletic shoe for jogging/running or any other type of exercise then I would suggest the Champion C9 Athletic shoe.

I first purchased this shoe after trying various running shoes such as the Reebok Ziptech, New Balance running shoes & Nike running shoes. When I tried on the name brand shoes I noticed that they were a little snug on my toes, I am flat-footed, but I thought they would loosen up but they didn't. Except for the Reebok Ziptech, they were comfortable and the mesh toe allowed my toes to move around freely. After about 3-4 months of jogging 5-7 days a week in the Reebok Ziptech's the right heel of the shoe started to wear down. I tried to extend the length of wear of my Ziptech's because they cost me over $100. but all I did was cause pain in my right ankle and knee. So I had to purchase another pair of running shoes, that's when I came across the Champion C9 Athletic shoe on sale for $25.99, retail - $29.99. I wasn't sure if the shoes would work because of the low cost but I decided to try them. To my surprise, the shoes feel very comfortable when jogging/running and the mesh toe doesn't restrict my toes.

Available in men, women & children sizes and various colors.

I highly recommend the Champion C9 Athletic shoes for budget conscious joggers, runners and walkers.

Did you know that Champion makes a toning shoe and flip-flop? Check out the Champion Toning Shoes and Toning Flip-flops below!

About the Champion C9 Shoes

The Champion C9 are lightweight, high performance shoes with Geo Foam that cushions your impact and absorbs energy when walking or jogging. The fabric mesh provides ventilation for cooling. And they come with 2 pair of shoestrings (black and blue).

The Champion C9 shoe retails for $29.99, so you can purchase several pairs for the cost of other comparables.

Other comparable shoes, for example - Nike FreeRun 3 & Reebok ZipTech, retails for $99.99.

"Brand is irrelevant. If the shoe fits well, the name doesn't matter"

I've heard that jogging/running is an inexpensive way to get fit, no gym membership required. Jogging/running may not involve a gym membership but the cost for the shoes can be equivalent.

Jogging/running shoes varies in range of cost as it does in colors & designers, with a cost ranging from $30 to over $200. If you an avid jogger/runner then you will be replacing your shoes, even the name brand shoes, every 3-6 months depending on your mileage.

So, the best way to make this sport affordable is to shop online at websites such as ebay or amazon on this webpage and to heed the recommendations of shoes from avid joggers and runners.

"A study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine in October 2007 found that low- and medium-cost running shoes offered the same cushioning and support as more expensive running shoes. Unfortunately, the study didn't identify the brands tested, but the lesson to be learned is that brand is irrelevant. If the shoe fits well, the name doesn't matter..."

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Customer Reviews

"I was looking for a pair of running shoes to replace my Reebok ZipTech's, that were worn(run) down in six months, when I came across an ad for the Champion C9 shoes. They were on sale for $24.99 so I decided to try them. And I love them! The rubber outsole cushions each step and the ventilated fabric on the toe box prevents me from getting blisters on my big toe(hallux)."

DH, 2013

"I was prepared to spend about $[...]+ on some black sneakers. Then I saw these. I tried them on and was shocked at how great they felt. I usually buy [...] sneakers. These have a very similar feel to my [...]. Honestly, these are actually a little more cushy and comfortable than [...]. And, even more comfortable than the black Brooks (by [...]) that I had tried on prior and intended to purchase. And, they look better than any black shoe that I saw at [...] sporting goods.

I actually have them on right now. I think I'm done with other brands. For $[...] can't beat it!"

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" have had these shoes for a few months now and they are very nice. I use them at the gym and have held up very well. They are very comfortable and you can feel the difference when you compare them to other shoes in terms of weight. I am going out in a week to buy another pair. Ill send another review in a few months to say how they are still holding up. "

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"... I liked the Champion shoes and have worn them for a few years. I don't do marathons, but I have a cousin who did one in them and had no issues. "

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Champion C9 Shoe Video

(Note: the audio doesn't work but the video gives a close up of the shoes)

Are you a jogger/runner on a budget?

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