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Colin Kaepernick Jersey: Women's Style Jerseys and T-Shirts featuring the 49ers QB

Updated on December 8, 2013

Are you looking for a Colin Kaepernick jersey made for women?

For some reason a lot of girls like this popular 49ers QB. At least, I know my wife does. She is a huge Kaepernick fan, and has been since before he started in place of Alex Smith in the middle of 2012.

Maybe it is his skills, maybe it is the bad boy images from the tattoos. Maybe it is the fact that even though he has the tats, he is actually deeply religious and humble. Maybe he is just really good looking.

As a guy, I don't know what makes women like him, Tom Brady and Tony Romo more than the Manning brothers and Alex Smith and some other starting QBs.

Anyway, a woman can of course buy any male jersey featuring Kaepernick. But let's face it, these jersey's are boxy and do not really look that great.

There are quite a few Kaepernick jerseys and t-shirts that are designed specifically with women in mind. Form fitting ones that are made to hug a woman's curves. As a guy, I can tell you we appreciate that. Check out this Jersey here, or one of the options below for your own jersey/t-shirt option, or to get one as a great gift for that female NFL fan in your life.

Is Kaepernick really, "All That" as a QB?

I have to admit I was a little bit skeptical of the new 49ers QB when he got the nod to start in the middle of last season.

I respected what he had done as an option QB, but Alex Smith had been doing quite well. As an NFL fan I felt bad for the guy. You take your team to the playoffs and a few bad plays by the special teams from going to the Superbowl, follow it up with a solid year of doing nothing but winning games, and get replaced. It didn't seem fair, and I had to wonder about the wisdom of starting a rookie over a solid "winning" veteran.

But with Kaepernick's performance the rest of the season, and for the bulk of this season, I have to say I see why. This young QB has a lot of potential and hopefully he should be a winning starter for the San Francisco 49er's for quite some time to come.

More 49er's Jersey style shirts made specifically for the ladies.

KaeperNick and 49ers emblem
KaeperNick and 49ers emblem

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Colin Kaepernick Career Highlights


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