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Easy Karate Lesson Plans | Maximize Profits | Karate Drills for Kids

Updated on March 8, 2014

How to Make Karate Lesson Plans

Having good karate lesson plans can mean the difference between success and failure when you own your own karate school.  As an martial arts teacher, it is my responsibility to make sure that our Dojo's students and their parents are happy not only with us as teachers, but with what we are teaching as well.

But, I was running out of new ideas for lessons.  I found my students beginning to drop out and I was faced with a decision: find a solution, find new karate drills for kids or lose my Dojo.  Luckily I found Karate lesson plans online.  This program not only gave me new blood pumping karate drills, but it also gave me practical advice on creating karate lesson plans.

karate lesson plans
karate lesson plans

Karate Lesson Plans: Part 1

Know your Karate Students

Knowing your students is probably the most important part in making a karate lesson plan. After all, you don't want to introduce karate drills into your beginners class which are way too advanced. It's important that you pick just the right routine for the right age/skill level.

Karate Lesson Plans helped me do just that. I had over 125 karate drills to choose from. Best part was that they were organized by skill level so it was easy to pick out the right drills for the right classes.

karate lesson plans
karate lesson plans

Karate Lesson Plans: Part 2

Variety is the key

After students began dropping out of my classes I finally asked one of they why. I was shocked when I heard them tell me that they were bored with the same old warm-ups each class. This is when I learned that I needed to start running some new karate drills.

I began switching things up every week - giving my karate class new drills each week. I started playing high-energy music during our drills and immediately noticed a change in my students and their desire to work harder and stay focused. This gave me many new karate drills that kept my students coming to classes ever week.

karate lesson plans
karate lesson plans

Karate Lesson Plans: Part 3

Structure your lessons

It was key to make sure each lesson plan was structured. Creating a lesson plan template allowed me to plug in the karate drills I found at Karate Lesson Plans and create a full class plan in a matter of minutes.

I found that this template not only worked for the beginner classes - but that my older students found this new structure challenging as they progressed through the ranks. I begin to have more and more students graduate to the level of brown belt and above, much more than I had in previous years.

This also carried over to my instructors as I implemented this system for all the classes in my Dojo. Not only were the students happy - but the instructors found themselves energized and excited about teaching again now that the stress of planning was gone. We could focus again on the discipline of Karate and enjoy the process, just like when we were kids.

Karate Lesson Plans in Action

Karate Lesson Plans in Action
Karate Lesson Plans in Action

What do you do in your Dojo to create Karate Lesson Plans?

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    • venitalynn profile image

      venitalynn 6 years ago

      I may have to get that book for my boyfriend... he's a 4th degree blackbelt and wants to open his own dojo at some point.