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Katniss Bow - Katniss Everdeen of The Hunger Games Bow and Arrow

Updated on November 9, 2014

Welcome to My Katniss Bow Lens!

Welcome to my Katniss Bow lens!

I purposely waited a bit before going to the theater to see the first Hunger Games movie. After all, I'm in my early 50's and, while I enjoy adventure and thriller flicks, The Hunger Games was pretty much targeted towards the younger generation, right? At least, that was my impression. Hunger Games was totally targeted to the younger crowd. . .

Wrong! Katniss and her black bow totally ruled, no matter what your age. If you like action flicks, you'll love this one!

The main characters of Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark (played by Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson) are compelling, believable characters that really allow viewers to be drawn into the movie. I was impressed with the way that the cast as a whole was able to convey the dynamics of the dysfunctional families that were featured in The Hunger Games, Katniss especially. The movie was able to convey why Katniss depended upon her bow and her skills with it.

Katniss and her bow, of course, really heated up the screen with the various hunting scenes made famous in this movie. Her love and loyalty to her family takes her archery skill set from providing food for the table to taking part in a competition that shouldn't have a happy ending since it is a match to the death. Interesting turn of events at the end, but I'm not going to say more because I hate it when people tell me how the movie ends before I see it! Suffice to say that Katniss and her bow really steal the show!

In fact, I read just this morning on a news clip that, because of the "Katniss Bow", as they call it, archery lessons and bow sales are at a sharp increase. I've always thought it was interesting to see what kind of influence a great movie can have when it makes such an impact.

And now the 2nd movie in the Hunger Games series is coming to the screen . . . Catching Fire sounds like another winner show and I can't wait to see it . . . Can you? Don't you want to see if Katniss has gotten even better with her black bow?

How To Contact Me Regarding Katniss Bow

You may contact me regarding Katniss Bow via the Guestbook section at the bottom of this lens or email me at When emailing, please ensure you place the words "Katniss Bow" in the subject line as I do not open emails from addresses I don't recognize.

Katniss Bow - Safety Book
Katniss Bow - Safety Book

Katniss Bow and Arrow Safety Tips

My dad happened to be a marksman so I grew up with a house full of weapons if you knew where to look. I was taught to respect weapons of all types and my dad made sure we knew that they weren't toys to be played with, but tools in case of an emergency.

We went through hours of safety training before we were ever able to hold a bow and arrow, a sharp knife, or a loaded gun. That's the way it should always be. Respect the weapon, don't play with it.

So, I thought it might be a good idea to place a "safety tip" section here on this lens. While I think archery is a great sport, after all, I was involved in this sport as a child, I also think we live in a society that wants everything NOW, so not enough time is spent on preventing accidents.

Please ensure children of all ages are taught how to conduct themselves safely when participating in the sport of archery.

Here are some basic safety tips:

1) Pay attention to what you are doing and know where your equipment is at all times! In other words, no horsing around when the bow is in your hand or an arrow fitted to the bow. RESPECT the weapon, it's not a toy to be played with. Keep arrows on your person or within close reach and ensure no one else has access to them. YOU are responsible for the weapon, not the person with you.

2) Keep your equipment in good repair! Wooden bows and strings need to be kept waxed. Don't drag your bows on the ground as they'll get nicked and gather moisture. Keep them dry and check them often to ensure they are in tip top shape. Check your arrows to ensure they are straight. If they are starting to curve, put them to the side and straighten them at a later time. Do NOT use curved arrows!

3) Long arm guards and chest protectors are available for a reason! If your bow arm gets hit by the string, place ice or a cold compress on the area immediately to reduce swelling. A chest protector will ensure your shirt won't get snagged by a string and mis shoot your arrow.

Here's an archery (beginner) safety video that will explain even more safety tips when you are at an archery range or shoot. Children should learn

ALL children learning archery should have no doubt what the rules are before they pick up a bow and arrow. Katniss learned from her father and knew the rules, ensure her fans do, too! Help keep the kids safe while they are learning the art of archery.

Thanks for visiting Katniss Bow!

Catching Fire, the Second Book in the Hunger Games Series, Has Arrived! - If You Enjoyed the First Hunger Games Book, You'll Love Catching Fire

Catching Fire |Hunger Games|2
Catching Fire |Hunger Games|2

I loved reading the first book in the series and the 2nd one, Catching Fire, delivers just as much excitement . . .


How to Shoot an Arrow Like Katniss Everdeen - Use a Katniss Bow To Shoot Your Arrows!

If you want to learn how to shoot an arrow from a bow like Katniss Everdeen, watch this video!

Be Honest - Did You Think Katniss Was Going To Stay With Peeta?

Did you think Katniss should have paired up with Peeta, the other District 12 competitor, or Gale, her best friend?

See results

I want to thank you for visiting my Katniss Bow lens and would like to ask you to leave a short comment letting me know if you found the lens interesting (or not).

Let us know if YOU saw the Hunger Games and what you thought of it. Or if you didn't see it, give us a reason why . . .

Thanks so much and I hope you visit again,

Take care,


Thank You For Visiting My Katniss Bow Lens - Would You Mind Leaving Me Some Feedback on my Katniss Bow Lens?

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    • profile image

      Jeffersway 5 years ago

      OK, why in the world would I be surprised that you would have a weapons site? I've seen your collection, experienced your knowledge and now just pleased as punch to see you share that with the world. If the world only knew what a kind and gentle soul you are and then understood the master of these incredible objects that you've become, well, shocked would be a good word. And in a good way. Keep up the great work, my friend!

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      I played around with archery when I was a kid, it was fun. Nice lens.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      I played around with archery when I was a kid, it was fun. Nice lens.