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Kayak Fishing Stuff

Updated on November 15, 2014

Kayak Fishing Equipment

This page offers ideas for buying apparel, dry bags, fishing tackle, electronics, books, dvds and other equipment for kayak fishing.

Some anglers choose to buy special fishing kayaks which have many features built in, while other enthusiasts use kayaks for a variety of applications.

The type and size of kayak used with have a big impact on what types of gear will be carried during fishing trips.

Kayak Fishing Equipment

Kayak fishing has become an extremely popular sport. Anglers use kayaks for freshwater fishing, river trips, exploring saltwater bays, estuaries and even for surf fishing. Depending on the type of fishing, kayakers may choose accessories such as clothing, boots, gloves, PFD's, GPS units, fish finders, propulsion systems, compasses, rod holders, nets and other gear.

Gifts for Kayakers

Are you looking for gift ideas for kayakers? These are a few ideas that are always suitable for kayaking enthusiasts:

- flashlights and head-mounted lights

- lanyards

- safety straps

- waterproof pouches

- compasses

- handheld GPS units

- gloves

- boots

- sunglasses

- hats

- clothing and apparel

- books

- DVDs

- calendars

- coffee mugs

- stickers and buttons

Kayaking Trip Checklist

The list of gear needed for a kayaking adventure varies by season, region, length of trip and other factors.

The following list includes a few kayaking essentials:

life jackets-PFDs

waterproof clothing





insect repellent

small cooler with water, snacks

dry bag and zipper storage bags




check weather and tide information

leave a float plan with family or friends

inspect kayak and vehicle mounts before and after kayaking

Kayak Carrier Accessory Mat

Rooftop carriers are extremely popular options for transporting kayaks. Most units hold 2 kayaks and require little training to use. When loading and unloading kayaks, a rooftop kayak loading mat is essential. These special mats have a non-slip underside, with a very slippery upper surface. This allows paddlers to easily slip the kayak down the back of a vehicle and back up on to the carrier when loading.

Thule 854 Water Slide Kayak Carrier Accessory Mat
Thule 854 Water Slide Kayak Carrier Accessory Mat

This mat protects the vehicle while loading kayak. Its slippery top allows bow to move onto rear saddles while tacky bottom clings to vehicle. Quick-drying and easy to stow, this mat is an important accessory to go with a kayak carrier.


Choosing a Kayak Paddle

Kayakers choose a double paddle in most applications. Double-bladed paddles are either feathered or unfeathered. Feathered paddle blades are offset by an angle between 45 and 90 degrees. This is done in order that the upper blade will cut cleanly through the air during the forward stroke and offer minimum resistance to the wind. Double paddles break-down for storage and transport. A two piece paddle can usually be set to feathered or unfeathered.

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