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Fishing : A Fun Way to Relax and Spend Quality Time With a Loved One or Family Member

Updated on August 10, 2013

Ahhh Fishing!

The sun is just peeking it's orange-red face over the tree tops, the birds are chirping and somewhere in the distance the sound of a woodpecker enjoying breakfast on the trunk of a live oak echoes through the trees. Mosquitoes are buzzing and dragonflies are searching the glassy surface of the river for a morning snack. Across the river I hear a popping sound and look just in time to see a fish snatch a bug off the surface making a soft popping sound and sending ripples past the hundreds of cypress knees dotting the riversides in rural South Carolina. An alligator swims lazily down the river with only his eyes and nostrils breaching the surface.

AAh the sights and sounds of a morning fishing trip are just the thing to get my blood pumping. We slide our G3 aluminum Basstracker into the cool dark river water and fire up the 75 Evinrude for our trek up the river in search of large mouth bass. We arrive to our favorite spot after a few minutes and drop the 40lb thrust trolling motor in the water shut off the engine and reach for the baitcasting rigs we set up the night before. First cast with a buzz bait yields immediate results as my brother hooks into a 3lb large mouth that had been hiding under a log running perpendicular to the bank.

What a beautiful sight to see! A 3lb large mouth (full of eggs) tail-walking across the surface of the river flaring her gills and shaking her head desperate to dislodge the chartreuse buzz bait from her mouth to no avail. After a few seconds he gets it in the boat and we excitedly talk about the fish, my brother poses with the fish for a picture and we set her free to lay her eggs and help repopulate the species and who knows maybe another fisherman will come along in a few days and enjoy the same fish.

We catch several bass, a mudfish and a mudcat as well on our trip. By the middle of the day the sun is up high and so is the temperature so we decide to call it a day. After several hours of catching fish and taking pictures and enjoying the beautiful scenic view along the banks of the river we decide we are tired and it's time to head for home, a cool beer and some food (not that we didn't have a few cold ones in the river, shhhh don't tell brother's wife).

There is nothing finer than fishing trip in Carolina (or anywhere else they may biting) so load up the truck, hook up to the boat, rig up some rods, get you some cold ones call up your buddies or your dad and go fishing, and as long as you take plenty of bug spray I guarantee your going to have fun.

Do you find fishing fun and relaxing?

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    • MercifulFate profile image

      MercifulFate 4 years ago

      Fishing with you was always fun =)