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klitschkos suck and are both garbage!!

Updated on November 8, 2010

bum bleeding

this is for both Klitschko brothers. u both suck. yeah ya'll may be champs but who did ya'll beat?... a bunch of nobodies. not only that but beat them like james toney, in 11-12 round when the fighter gets too tired. at least mike tyson ko'd bums in 1st to 4th round. i've seen few and heard about their bouts, jab...jab...jab...jab...jab...jab... opponent against Wlad i saw was goofy as hell slipping over the ring and walked like a toddler. i'm like not hall of famers for sure plus barely people know them. the thing is that they just use reach advantage, problem is they have no CHIN, especially Wlad. nor do they move well. when faced with near same sized opponents they had big troubles, Corrie Sanders 6'4" and Lennox Lewis who beat Vitali (i didn't see fight), won't count the 7' russian he is too slow but if he was fast look out. i would give them a C rating for HW champs, D would go to buster douglas as last. the good thing about the other eastern europe fighters is that they have hunger, skills and killer drive in comparison. the best CHIN in HW boxing ever was chuck wepner, ali gave him his 1st knock down in 15th round. hardest punchers tyson and foreman in primes. in reality they are ok fighters they just use their size to the advantage. Vitali mysteriously hurt his knee training for a bum named H. only a bum can be scared of a bum. watch if Kimbo (what he should have done before, MMA not him) gets into HW boxing the Klitschko bros will retire before he gets to #3 spot. i can crack both their skulls if i hit them square....POW lights out!!!


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