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kobe vs jordan.. closer then you think in my opinion

Updated on December 16, 2011

so yea i know people are going to see this and say this kid doesnt know what he is talking about. Or he hasnt seen enough jordan to know whats what. Or a ton of other comments. Which is fine because everyone has a right to speak their mind and its only fair. However, even with being a tender age of 25 if there are two things i know up and down are basketball and videogames. This is just basketball this time, but next time you might not get so lucky!

So now on to the topic at hand. From comparing a man who is on the tip of everyones tongue when we mention the greatest basketball player ever to a man that could be that one day, i know that there will be alot of people who will never put kobe in the same breathe as jordan... but i just wanna bring up 3 facts that might make the arguement a little bit closer.

1. Jordan shot more .. really ! .. now i know jordan shot .497 percent for his career which is indeed remarkable, but he always has taking more shots to keep is 30.1 ppg avg. then most. jordan has taken 22.9 shots pg throughtout his career while kobe has taken 19.4 in his. thats 3.5 more shots for jordan. If we go by his percentage of 45.4 and use math to say he takes the same amount of shots jordan did .. he would end up with about 5 more points a game, which would put him right up there with jordan.

2. They played for different teams at different times. The fact is jordan didnt win until the mega teams of the 80's died down. When he won his first chip in 91, that laker team was hit with alot of injuries throughtout that series. Not trying to make any excuses, i am just saying. Alot of people say that he played aganist better but i dont believe so. At least he didnt win aganist better. He never beat the celtics in the playoffs. Kobe did. Kobe played a terrible game 7 shooting stats wise. But he got the win.

3. Alot of people forget that jordan is not God. He had bad games too! Both in the playoffs and the finals. Kobe did have more though.

These are just some of my ideas. I have tons more, but its bed time! Have a great day people and fill free to comment


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    • giftedwriter86 profile image

      giftedwriter86 5 years ago from new castle ,de

      true very true. thank you for your comment. IMO though, i do feel that if jordan was on the lakers the way kobe was, he would have taken the back seat to shaq. He would have had too!

    • cprice75 profile image

      cprice75 5 years ago from USA

      I saw both play in their prime. Jordan had a way of taking over a game, and there was no question of who the best player on his team was. When Kobe and Shaq played together, Shaq was just dominant. In talking about Jordan never beating the Celtics. They were only good for his first 4-5 years in the league. The 1995-96 Bulls team is the greatest I've ever seen, and to have Jordan lead them after being gone for basically two years was amazing.