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Reasons Why Bobby Lashley Would Make a Great Multiple Champion

Updated on September 17, 2017

Lashley and his TNA World Heavyweight Championship

Lashley Holding The TNA World Heavyweight Champion.
Lashley Holding The TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

Who is Lashley, Initial accolades, TNA World Heavyweight Championships.

Franklin Robert "Bobby" Lashley, AKA "The Destroyer" Lashley, is an MMA fighter and a wrestler best known for his 15-2 record over people in Bellator and his time in WWE in the ECW brand as the 2-time ECW World Heavyweight Champion and a 1-time United States Champion. He trained for the 2004 Summer olympics, where he was injured.

He attended Missouri Valley College, where he won three collegiate wrestling championships between 1996 and 1998. He left WWE IN 2007 and became an MMA Champion, where he beat people up. In 2009, he joined the TNA Brand, first as a heel, and then as a face. He Helped Mick Foley capture the TNA Legends Championship (the 2009 name of the TNA King of the Mountain Champion), and ultimately gained the respect of fans in TNA. In 2010, he turned heel, citing that he wanted to leave the company, and he did.

In 2014, he made his second, and last, return to TNA as MVP's friend as a face and fought opponents. Then, on the May 8 tapings of TNA, Lashley pulled the ultimate swerve when, instead of turning to help Eric Young, the reigning TNA World Heavyweight Champion at the time, he speared Eric and helped MVP and Kenny King, turning him heel.

On the June 18 edition of TNA, Bobby Lashley defeated Erick Young and became the first African American to hold the TNA World Heavyweight Championship since TNA split ways with NWA in 2007. There, he defeated the likes of Jeff Hardy, Eric Young, Austin Aries, and Bobby Roode before ultimately losing the TNA Championship to Bobby Roode in the September edition of TNA Impact. On January 2015, Bobby Lashley defeated Bobby Roode to regain his championship, with help from the BDC (Beat Down Clan). He then turned into a tweener when he was chosen to be put inside of a Lethal Lockdown Cage.

By March, Lashley lost the TNA World Heavyweight Championship to Kurt angle. Then, he was involved in a 2-match feud that ended when the BDC Interfered. Thern, Lashley was back in MMA, doing boxing, where he acquired a 14-2 record over boxers at Bellator MMA. Then, in 2016, in Kurt Angle's farewell tour, he cut a promo, telling him "you're not ready to face me". Then, on the March 8, 2016 edition of Impact, He defeated Kurt angle and hugged him, momentarily breaking character, before spearing him into the middle of the ring, turning him heel again.

3 people came out, but he speared them the same way. By March 15, Lashley assaulted the two ring announcers, including the pope. Then, he entered a program with the pope, which ultimately ended in Lashley being victorious. Then, he was entered into a number one contender's match for Drew Galloway's Championship, and he won the number one contender's match. The rivalry started to build, with Lashley even going to the same gym that Galloway goes to, and even bringing him into an MMA Ring. The wrestlers broke up the fight.

Then, on Slammiversary 2016, Drew Galloway was knocked out and he won his third Championship in 2 years. He would soon dominate over superstars, including Drew Galloway and EC3.

TNA X Division Title.

Meanwhile, Eddie Edwards just won the X Division Championship for the second time. He had a decision to make. He was going to give up the X-division Championship and turn it into a world heavyweight championship, when Lashley Came. Lashley made a deal with Eddie Edwards. He put his World Heavyweight Championship Against Eddie Edward's X Division Championship. They accepted. So, on the July 12 edition of Impact, titled Destination X, they had a match, and it looked like that Eddie Edwards had the match won, but Mike Bennett came and attacked the referee, and then brought out Moose from ROH.

That made Dixie Carter furious and she said that on the Thursday, July 21 Edition of Impact Wrestling, they're going to have the same match, but in Six Sides of Steel. So, on the July 21, 2016 Edition of Impact Wrestling, they had the match, and Eddie Edwards was about to win the match, but Lashley speared him twice to end the match, and he became double champion, something I haven't seen in the Wrestling World since Seth Rollins held the United States Championship and the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Then, he made the case that nobody can beat him for any gold, but DJ Z came and challenged him because he was number one contender for the X Division Championship. So, they had a match, and it was a great match. The match had some high spots, but, ultimately, it ended when Lashley press slammed DJ Z into the ground from the top of the ladder and retained the X Division Championship.

Lashley Confronts Eddie Edwards and Makes a Deal with Him

Quest for the TNA King of the Mountain Championship.

Meanwhile, James storm and Eli Drake were having a rivalry, and, one day, Eli Drake put his king of the mountain championship on the line and, at the same same time, Jame Storm put his Beer-Drinking, the Boozing Cruising Boozer Cruiser, and his Country Theme Song on the line. They both accepted the deal. In what turned out to be the match of their lives, Eli Drake tried all kinds of shenanigans, but, in the end, James Storm Captured his first, and only, King of The Mountain Championship. Then, just as he was celebrating, Lashley came out, and, with both his TNA World Heavyweight Championship and his X Division Championship, spoke about how these titles are because they beat people up.

James storm said that he has "mad" respect for Lashley, but no man intimidates him. Lashley says "James storm, always checking what your a-- can't cash." Then James Storm looked at the title and says that in 2011, he beat an olympian (Kurt Angle) for the title in under a minute. Then he says that Lashley's just a NCAA champion and can beat him in under 30 seconds. Lashley proposes the ultimate title VS title opportunity. The World Heavyweight and X Division Title (which we would find out right after the confrontation) vs the King of the Mountain title. The winner is multiple-champion.

I've never seen a guy in history hold more than 2 championships. The only guys who held more than 2 championships were Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe. The video here shows the match. You know the match. In 2007, Samoa Joe had a rivalry with Kurt angle over who was better. Well, the video proves who is the better man. Even with help from his wife, Kurt Angle captured all of the gold. He captured all of TNA's Titles.

Lashley Confronts James storm and Makes a Deal with him.

My Reasons why Lashley deserves to be a Multiple Champion and hold all the gold.

There are several reasons why Lashley deserves to be an Multiple Champion. The first reason has to to do with the fact that I'm cheering for him in any way, even if he is a tweener champion. The second reason is that he is an amazing athlete. He doesn't need any help to get the job done. I've seen what he can do. He can get the job done in such an amazing way that you don't even know if he's wrestling without any help from medicine.

The third reason has to do with the fact that I am a fan of TNA. If he loses to James storm, I don't know whether to believe in TNA again. That's where things get interesting, for me at least. If James storm does win, then EC3 must turn heel in order for him to be Bound for Glory once again. Lastly, I want Lashley to be Multiple champion because I want to see him hold three belts at the same time. But what if Lashley had the option to defeat the current reigning TNA Tag Team Champions Decay by Himself. That means that he has all of the men's titles, and I will be ecstatic, because my main man Lashley has all the titles. So, that's it. Those are my main reasons why Lashley deserves to be Multiple champion (holding 3 or more championships at once).

TNA's Men's Titles.

The Current TNA World Heavyweight Championship Belt
The Current TNA World Heavyweight Championship Belt
The Current King of the Mountain Belt
The Current King of the Mountain Belt
The Current X Division Championship Belt
The Current X Division Championship Belt
The Current TNA World Tag Team Belt. There are two of these right now.
The Current TNA World Tag Team Belt. There are two of these right now.

Who is your favorite TNA wrestler?

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