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lebron james is not jordan and some weird questions

Updated on December 9, 2010

quick and to the point

king james is no michael jordan. he is a wannabe jordan which is not replaceable ever. he wore the same #23 trying to jock his style or spirit and even use some of his dunks. don't get me wrong james is a good player but the difference is jordan had both offense AND defense. lebron just has offense (well he can't shot 3's like jordan) and not much D, other than being on D rebounding. Jordan was all rounded player (multi skilled).

next difference is that with the cavs he had no one to play with as a henchman or 2nd superstar. it was basically just him with little support. but MJ in few season had pippen (henchman) and Grant, but the rest of MJ's team chipped in like Paxson, Kerr, Armstrong and Kukoc. they won 6 championships, 2 3-peats. now lebron moving to heat he has a ready built team of wade and bosh. But if he or the other 2 get injured, not there or having bad game, who will step up and chip in? MJ's team mates all played their roles. i understand james wants a ring or more but there are no guarantees. there is heavy comp out there.

king james and "king" james a mason?

some reports say the lebron my be a freemason. that's what his move was all about. plus he changed his number to 6. 6 is a Satanic number which is seen on many symbols many times stylized. and can form 666. the pics above show the hand signs he's making which mason's use. him going to miami would make it 3 superstars, #3 also being occult number. "heat" what that equals fire or flames and the time wears red. that city was also built on cocaine, its a drugs that makes people dream real or hallucinate, hallucination is big with witchcraft and magic. but it is all just a wonderance for the time being.

color change for a reason

weird but true

i remembered when the first lebron drink was the Aqua or blueish-green color. same flavor as today. but i think people started to complain about the food coloring being too strong. especially after solid waste and its the same aqua color as the drink then it can concern people, guess something told people to look back at stool. about 5 months later they changed the color to a lime green. it still taste the same too.


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    • profile image

      BlackGodysrael 5 years ago

      This article would be halfway credible if the grammatical errors weren't so bad! How old are you?

    • profile image

      BlackGodysrael 5 years ago

      This article would be halfway credible if the grammatical errors weren't so bad! How old are you?

    • racquetsportatlas profile image

      racquetsportatlas 7 years ago

      I disagree somewhat with your opinion of Lebron. He has the most complete game in the NBA right now--maybe ever. I understand Michael Jordan was one of the best defenders in the NBA throughout his career. Lebron is alson one of the best defenders in the NBA. He's versatile enough to guard anyone from point guards to centers. Jordan didn't do that. If anything, Jordan's job was easier because Pippen and Rodman were also two of the best AND most versatile defenders of all-time. Lebron has been near the top in votine for defensive player of the year the last couple seasons, so his defense is definitely there. In terms of offense, Lebron has more ability than Jordan did. He's a much better passer than Jordan and actually has a slightly better career 3-point percentage than Jordan. At this point in Jordan's career, he wasn't nearly as good at threes as Lebron. Just look at his first 8 seasons--17.3%, 16.7%, 18.2%, 13.2%, 27.6%, 37.6%, 31.2%, and 27%. Lebron's worst percentage has been 29%, and that was only in his first season.