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Liverpool FC On The Internet

Updated on June 30, 2015

The Mighty Reds: Liverpool Football Club Web Sites

Liverpool Football Club is perhaps the most followed English club in the world. Our international support is legendary, unwavering while pretenders to the crown come and go. The pedigree and history of years of success, the glorious triumphs and the dignified path that characterise Liverpool through most of its long history appeal from Istanbul to Ivory Coast, from Sweden to Singapore.

Why are we so popular even with our last league title so long ago? Memorable European and FA Cup finals help, but it's the nature of the Club and the fans that make it so special. We're not a billionaire's bauble - a seduction by two US chancers dragged us down but never out. We don't need to write it in big letters on a wooden stadium - we are the people's club. Gloryhunters come and go, we stay, supporting, cheering, moaning in the Albert ...

I'm writing this just after Barcelona stuffed Man U - and the web is rife with whinging Essex accents. Curious: the last time Liverpool got slaughtered we applauded our opponents off the pitch. Class and dignity will out.

Being the most famous means there are many websites devoted to the Mighty Reds - Liverpool officially and unofficially is well covered on sites, messageboards and social media. This page lists some of the most famous sites - if you have any to suggest, please drop them in at the end of the page. Non-English sites especially welcome.

Intro image: licensed under Creative Commons 3.0

And as it plays its haunting sound

Tears are heard from miles around

They're tears from families of those who fell

Awaiting the toll of the justice bell..

The Justice Bell: Dave Kirby

Hillsborough Report

Truth at last

The report into Hillsborough has been released and is a magnificent piece of work - shining a light on the dark and dirty past, the lies by authorities and the failings of the justice system, There's still a deep sadness that it's taken 23 years to find out some of the shameful lapses on the day, let alone the crude cover up and the evil lies that were such a foul part of it.

Credit to David Cameron for a sincere and touching apology. To the Sun - forget it. To McKenzie: you were bigoted scum then, you are bigoted scum now, you see your livelihood endangered and you lie again - we do not believe you.

To the families, god grant you some peace, god grant you the rest of the truth. To the damaged, please find consolation - you have suffered enough for the deeds of others.

To see the full report:: Hillsborough Independent Panel

For a good summary of today's events: : Guardian timeline

"Liverpool was made for me and I was made for Liverpool."

Bill Shankly: LFC
Bill Shankly: LFC

Dot TV: The Official Website

Happily known as .tv, from the domain, this site has been up for about ten years and is among the foremost official sports sites. Indeed, for a time it was the most visited single sporting club site in the world. Often innovative, with a massive range of content, it's the only source for completely factual news from day to day and for info about everything from tickets to getting married at Anfield. It has fairly recently introduced facilities for users to present their own content - and a great mix of videos etc has been uploaded.

Major plus: Premium content available to paid members, with live commentaries and some stunning series such as 100 Players Who Shook The Kop.

Downsides: last implementation wasn't brilliant, in design or technically, and news of signings isn't confirmed until the last signature is on the contracts - the laws are a bit of a bind.

Nonetheless, the biggest and, I believe, the best.

Also: join 5.9 million Reds: Liverpool FC on Facebook

Liverpool FC: Official Forums

LFC's official forums are very busy, moderated by volunteers these days - brave souls - and get posts from all over the world, As with any broad church there's good and bad posting - some threads reach great heights, some are home to trolls and others who hate Michael Owen.

Downside: the monster posters of the early days have moved to pastures new.

Upside. They are pretty welcoming to all and, they're child-safe - language, tone and themes are kept decent.

Do the players visit them - some do, anonymously. One ex-player was heard to say "you want to see them after a defeat - they're ******* brutal"

Hillsborough RIP: eternal flame
Hillsborough RIP: eternal flame


Justice for the 96

This was written before the Hillsborough Indendent Panel produced its excellent report (link above). I'll leave it as the links are still valid though hopefully charged with new purpose and freedom.

I won't talk much here about Hillsborough: the day itself was a tragedy beyond words and the aftermath has been a contrast of enormous humanity worldwide, contrasted with the abominations of press lies and official cover up. Let us hope that the light now being shone on the hitherto hidden files will bring peace and comfort to the families of the dead and to the survivors. Justice should not take this long.

Some sites that will be of interest:

HJC: HIllsborough Justice Campaign

HFSG: HIllsborough Families Support Group

HFD: HIllsborough Football Disaster Information/Press Pack

Guardian timeline of those few minutes on April 15 1989


Great fan site

Great site put together by two Norwegian fans as a labour of love - fantastic collection of stats and playing records - the best on the web.

I've had the pleasure of meeting them - they're Liverpool fanatics and get over for a good number of matches every season - my only regret is that I didn't get the chance to buy them a pint.



Red And White Kop

Best known for its forums - perhaps the biggest unofficial messageboards around, though there's plenty of good content on there as well.

Downside: can be a bit rough, it's obligatory to swear every four words or your memberhip is cancelled.

Upside:: always lively, some great, well-informed posters, ticket exchange, and any site with Wooltonian posting has to be good.

"The problem with you, son, is that all your brains are in your head"


Reds All Over The Land

The Rattle

You've seen and heard 'em opposite the Arkles, by the Shankly Gates - "Reds All Over The Land: Liverpool Fanzine" - this is their website. A few articles and a lively set of forums.

Downside: not as busy as some

Upside: less trolls and WUMs, plenty of intelligent debate

How many seasons to our next league title?

How long before we win it again?

See results

Irish Kop

Bustling Irish messageboards. The lads who run these have also organised some memorable nights raising cash for the HJC. A certain large ex-player is rumoured to have been seen, the day after speaking at one such night, drinking water for the first time in his life and muttering "never again". In a well-learned Scouse accent of course.

Downside: hangovers

Upside: getting there. LIvely and friendly.


Empire Of The Kop

Smaller independent site - nice tone and a good honest endeavour. Mainly run by one man (nice one Antoine) but welcomes writers - anyone thinking of blogging on LFC, here's your chance to dip a toe in the water,

Beardlsey, Fowler, Aldridge, MacManaman

Beardsley - the closest player to Messi I've seen in a Red shirt. Fowler, the greatest instinctive goalscorer we've ever had. Aldridge, bleeds Liverpool and scored 63 goals in 104 games. Then there's MacManaman - forget the parting, remember the floppy-haired scally ghosting past defenders, the far post lobs, the grin as he set up God for another goal.

And we sold them all way too soon, or did we? Who else went too early? And keep it clean, please - or your comment will be deleted.


This Is Anfield

TIA, This Is Anfield - nice site with range of articles and opinions. Lively forums that get a bit rough at times but are probably all the better for it.

Shankly Gates
Shankly Gates

Shankly Gates

A few pages but mainly known for the messageboards - lively, interesting, stimulating on a Friday night!

Above all, I would like to be remembered as a man who was selfless,

who strove and worried so that others could share the glory,

and who built up a family of people who could hold their heads up high and say

'We're Liverpool'.

anfield online
anfield online

Anfield Online

Independent site with a range of news and features - and some good writing in there .

They link to the following forum:

LFC Reds
LFC Reds

LFC Reds Forums

Friendly independent messageboards. You don't need to register to read threads.

LFC Online
LFC Online

LFC Online

Very good fans site with a wide range of news, articles, opinions and just generally good LFC writing.

Goldensky forums
Goldensky forums


Just getting going, sounds promising

A few well known posters from the official forums are leaving and reviving Goldensky: They're a good bunch who go to games and drink too much and they know their club well. Sign up now and you'll have a great chance to help shape a friendly forum in good company. You'll also get a chance to meet some of them in the Crown on matchdays,



Independent Liverpool FC fans website. LFC news, squad profiles and stats, plus comment, opinion and banter on the LFC forums. Some good writing here, well worth a look.

chanpions league cup
chanpions league cup

Fifty Greatest European Sides

And where are we? Interesting attempt to rate sides across the ages according to a formula. I don't agree with them but it makes for a good argument.

39th place: Liverpool 1985-90

Footballpantheon wonders "whether the likes of John Barnes, Peter Beardsley and Ronnie Whelan would have had enough to beat Arrigo Sacchi's Milan."

"Best XI: Grobbelaar; Nicol, Beglin, Lawrenson, Hansen; Whelan, McMahon, Houghton, Barnes; Beardsley, Rush"

3rd place: Liverpool 1975-84

"Over nine glory-drenched years, Liverpool won four European Cups and seven league titles. And all while Paisley and then Joe Fagan organically evolved and altered the team year on year. Despite the emphasis on pass and move though, the team's success was actually underpinned by maximum protection. Anfield produced what was statistically the best defence in English history"

"Best XI: Clemence; Neal, A Kennedy, Hansen, Hughes; R Kennedy, Souness, McDermott, Heighway; Keegan, Dalglish"

Which two teams beat us? Guess, then go to to see.

KOP banner
KOP banner

British Media Pages

Plus good general football sites

Some LFC pages on respectable British media:

BBC: stats and a bit of latest news

Guardian: stats and plenty of news/article links

Telegraph: stats and links

The Echo, bit of a rag but at least it's local - can get some stories first and has ex-players guest-writing

Excellent interview with Didi Hamann as he starts his managwerial career at Stockport County.

General football sites:

When Saturday Comes Not an LFC site but has good articles on footballing matters and some good links.

Football 365 Lively and well populated football site. Owned by the devil (Murdoch) but manages to handle that.

The Shame Of KopTalk

No link, no picture for a disgraceful site. KopTalk was founded and run to fleece genuine fans with fake or stolen articles and promises that never materialise. See exposing of KopTalk's tricks and check there before you go to any site with "koptalk" in the domain or title.

General point: the sites mentioned here (and of course the Club's official online store) are trustworthy but watch out for others, especially any that claim to have access to tickets. They're either ludicroulsy expensive "coprorate hospitality" packages or a complete ripoff.

bob paisley
bob paisley

The Best Article Ever Written?

Alan Edge's gloriously funny tale of the night he met Bob Paisley's granddaughter

If anyone doesn't know the great Sir Bob: here's a quote from Lawro:

"I was nervous as a kitten. I had on my best suit, shirt and tie, my best bib and tucker. I went down to reception and the doorman spotted me and said 'Mr Paisley is waiting for you in his car outside'. When I got in the car I saw that Bob was wearing slippers and a cardigan. I couldn't believe it. That was my first meeting with Bob Paisley and I knew I'd come to the right place. They'd just won the European Cup and there was this fellow, who everyone in football thought was an absolute god, driving me to the ground in his slippers and cardigan! I thought 'you'll do for me!'"

A Song For Man U

Why should the Mancs get away with hijacking In My Liverpool Home? Here's my take on it:

In your Salford tower block, In your Salford tower block,
You live with a prossie ten years on the game,
Five different kids with four different names
Your son's on an ASBO, your daughter's on rock
In your Salford tower block.

Way back in the Nineties the world it went mad
Mr Murdoch threw at it all the cash that he had
When the smoke and the dust had all cleared from the air
Thank god, said old Fergie, my job is still there

Now Fergie's in rehab and Moyes has the job
Rio is past it and Nani's a blob
They'll sign no Germans or French players too
Cos Moyesie has made them a sub-bitter zoo

Recommended Books

My Liverpool Home
My Liverpool Home

King Kenny's autobiography - enough reason to buy it just for those words but this goes well beyond the usual anodyne ex-player writing. Funny, serious, open - everything you'd expect from the greatest player we've ever had.

44 Years With The Same Bird: A Liverpudlian Love Affair
44 Years With The Same Bird: A Liverpudlian Love Affair

Excellent look back at the years supporting Liverpool by Brian Reade, Mirror columnist. See also his "An Epic Swindle: 44 Months with a Pair of Cowboys" about the awful Hicks and Gillett.

When Football was Football: Liverpool: A Nostalgic Look at a Century of the Club
When Football was Football: Liverpool: A Nostalgic Look at a Century of the Club

Great collection of photographs of LFC, curated by Peter Hooton, lead singer of The Farm (but we can forgive him that) and committee member of Spirit of Shankly.


Any comments on above sites welcome, and if you know of a good site then post the address here with your comments please. If you know of any good non-English sites, let me know and I'll feature them.

Who have I missed out? - Non-English sites especially welcome

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    • Paul Ward profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Liverpool, England

      @Zebedee32: The only pages I've seen doing well are full of copied material and stolen images.

    • Zebedee32 profile image


      7 years ago

      Do you think football are doomed to fail on squidoo?

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Very good LFC website & forum.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Liverpool FC website for Stats, facts, news & rumours. The site is updated daily and new content added frequently. Stats covering Premier League, FA Cup , League Cup European Cups etc.

    • Paul Ward profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Liverpool, England

      @juditpaton: Wouldn't be a certain King Kenny from Glasgow influencing him? :)

    • juditpaton profile image

      Iudit Gherghiteanu 

      8 years ago from Ozun

      my scottish husband admits that the Liverpool footbal team is good. can you ask for more?

    • profile image


      8 years ago As it says on the tin goldensky is a free forum set up by LFC supporters primarily as a place of refuge from the hustle, bustle and sometimes agro that goes on in some of the bigger sites. goldensky has been dormant for some time now and only very recently reactivated it is a friendly little forum where basically our only rule is to be friendly with each other. If you fancy chatting with some fellow REDS or even sharing a cyber pint with in Bostons Bar then pop in and have a look if you fancy it just register and once your account is activated then off you go. A word of warning though anyone signing up just to wind others up will have their account terminated very quickly indeed.


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