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London 2012 Olympics Medals and Tables

Updated on June 28, 2016

How Did Your Country Do in the London 2012 Olympic Games Medals Table?

The London 2012 Olympic Games saw athletes from 204 countries compete in 300 events this summer. From 27 July to 12 August the countries competed for an array of Gold, Silver and Bronze medals.

Who were your winners?

London 2012 Olympic Games

Countries Participating in the London 2012 Olympic Games

Which one did you support?

Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, American Samoa, Andorra, Angola, Antigua and Barbuda, Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bahamas, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Barbados, Belarus, Belgium, Belize, Benin, Bermuda, Bhutan, Bolivia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Botswana, Brazil, British Virgin Islands, Bulgaria, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cambodia, Cameroon, Canada, Cape Verde, Cayman Islands, Central African Republic, Chad, Chile, China, Colombia, Congo, DR Congo, Cook Islands, Costa Rica, Cote d'Ivoire, Croatia, Cuba, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Djibouti, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, Eritrea, Estonia, Ethiopia, Fiji, Finland, France, Gabon, Gambia, Georgia, Germany, Ghana, Great Britain, (HOST) Greece, Grenada, Guam, Guatemala, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Guyana, Haiti, Honduras, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kiribati, North Korea, South Korea, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lebanon, Lesotho, Liberia, Libya, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Madagascar, Malaysia, Maldives, Mali, Malta, Mauritius, Mexico, Micronesia, Moldova, Monaco, Mongolia, Montenegro, Morocco, Mozambique, Myanmar, Namibia, Nauru, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Niger, Nigeria, Norway, Oman, Pakistan, Palau, Palestine, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Rwanda, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Samoa, San Marino, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Serbia, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Solomon Islands, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Suriname, Sweden, Switzerland, Syria, Chinese Taipei, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Thailand, Togo, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Uganda, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United States, Uruguay, Uzbekistan, Vanuatu, Venezuela, Vietnam, Virgin Islands, Yemen, Zambia, Zimbabwe

Click Here to Find Olympic Statistics for Your Country

London 2012 Medal Results Tables

London 2012 Final Medals Table - Top 20 Countries in London 2012 Olympic Games

All Time Olympic Medals Table (1896 - 2010) - Top 15 Countries Olympic Medal Standings

All Time Olympic Medal Table
All Time Olympic Medal Table

The table shows the top 15 countries in a collation of all medals in all Olympic games since 1896, including Summer and Winter games.

USA stands at the top of the table with a grand overall total of 2549 medals, 1016 of which are GOLDS.

Find out where your country stands in the overall medal table of all time by clicking on the link below, or on the table extract image above.

Click Here to View and Sort the Full Table

Paralympics London 2012

Paralympics London 2012 Medals Table - Updated 9 Sept 2012, 22:081 (GMT)

Paralympics Medal Table
Paralympics Medal Table

Beijing Olympic Medals Table - At a Glance ...

Beijing Medal Table
Beijing Medal Table

About the London 2012 Olympic Medals

London 2012 Medal Design
London 2012 Medal Design

Making the London 2012 Olympic Medals

Olympic medals are designed new for each Olympic Games. The front always portrays the Nike, the Goddess of Victory whilst the back is specific to each games.

The London 2012 Medals are 85mm diameter and 7mm thick and made of various metal compositions, source from Cornwall, UK, USA, Australia and Mongolia.

The designs were created in consultation with the British Museum's Keeper of Coins and Medals and an Independent Panel who evaluated hundreds of artist designs to make the final selection.

Read More Information about the London 2012 Medal Designs Here

London 2012 Olympic Medals on YouTube

Protecting the Olympic 2012 Medals

London Bridge Olympic Rings 2012
London Bridge Olympic Rings 2012

In the build up to the London 2012 Olympic Games the official medals are being kept safe in the Tower of London vaults ready to be presented to the games in an official (but private) ceremony at the beginning of July.

Read More Here

Olympic Medal Merchandise

London 2012 Olympic Medal Tables Guestbook - Thanks for visiting

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    • Loretta L profile image

      Loretta Livingstone 5 years ago from Chilterns, UK.

      I was so excited about the Olympics and Paralympocs, I wrote a book about it! It is a just fantastic summer of great achievements. It's been amazing to share so much joy with our wonderful athletes. I've had extra interest because I follow many of them on Twitter, and some of them are even nice enough to follow me back, so I've been able to see their tweets about training and preparation for these wonderful games.

    • profile image

      springbak 5 years ago

      Gotta love USA Volleyball's Hugh McCutcheon, games most awesome coach, we love you Hugh!

    • profile image

      jenjenjenga 5 years ago

      Go GB!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      USA will the most medal.

    • poldepc lm profile image

      poldepc lm 5 years ago

      huge lens...great

    • pettitjack profile image

      pettitjack 5 years ago

      Please check out my lens on london 2012

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Back to the music track when crowned champions of the Olympic Games in London 2012

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      If Dominoes was a sport Puerto Rico would rule the world!!!

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      It is very interesting to watch, I love competitions

    • pettitjack profile image

      pettitjack 5 years ago

      Love the Olympics

    • Alenkita1 profile image

      Alenkita1 5 years ago from Slovenia

      Great games, love to watch the olympics

    • petelovestoread profile image

      petelovestoread 5 years ago

      great games so far! thanks for the updates and info

    • Onemargaret LM profile image

      Onemargaret LM 5 years ago

      I like your lens. Very creative and equally informative!

    • profile image

      DMVAgent 5 years ago

      I'am excited for the results! Thanks for this lens, very informative.

    • Mamaboo LM profile image

      Mamaboo LM 5 years ago

      USA, all the way!

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Go Team Brasil! Go Team China!

    • LaraineRoses profile image

      Laraine Sims 5 years ago from Lake Country, B.C.

      I'm following the Canadians and USA teams when I have time to watch. The coverage has been excellent this year. Angel blessed**

    • profile image

      cblastname 5 years ago

      I like watch soccer, especially when Japan Play

    • potovanja profile image

      potovanja 5 years ago

      I like your lens. So much i give you LIKES:). Thank you to stop

      to see my lens...

    • StewartClan profile image

      StewartClan 5 years ago

      I have been a bit ambivalent about the Olympic Games, probably because I used to live quite close to London. But now I am watching some of it here and there and really enjoying it. The opening ceremony was an absolute delight.

    • profile image

      malimbus360 5 years ago

      Win Win Situation, good lens, thanks

    • maurissam profile image

      Chocolate Pickney 5 years ago from Jamaica

      Jamaica! Jamaica! Jamaica!, I can't shout it any louder :)

    • OUTFOXprevention1 profile image

      OUTFOXprevention1 5 years ago

      Great lens! Go USA

    • PastorCher profile image

      Pastor Cher 5 years ago from United States

      Very exciting. The opening ceremony is tonight.

    • Spiderlily321 profile image

      Spiderlily321 5 years ago

      Great lens! I'm not sure which team I'll be following yet. This will actually be my first time watching.

      Thanks for sharing

    • profile image

      cheapsneaker 5 years ago

      India will certainly going to improve its performance from the last time.

    • Celticep profile image

      Celticep 5 years ago

      @Jogalog: Wow, that will be amazing!

    • Jogalog profile image

      Jogalog 5 years ago

      Can't wait to see the cycling road race on Saturday. Hoping I catch sight of Bradley Wiggins and Mark Cavendish. I'm also going to the stadium to see the athletics next week which should be fantastic.

    • rallo-smith profile image

      rallo-smith 5 years ago

      Go USA!

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Go Team GB!

    • Melissa Miotke profile image

      Melissa Miotke 5 years ago from Arizona

      Great lens! Go USA:)

    • Louidam1 LM profile image

      Louidam1 LM 5 years ago

      Let the games begin!!!!! Great lens and can't wait to tune in!!!!

    • MillBucks profile image

      MillBucks 5 years ago

      Great lens, it will be nice to learn how these predictions will turn out.

    • profile image

      gravityx9 5 years ago

      fabulous lens! Featured with my USA T-shirts lens..... ( )

    • OliviaDaughter LM profile image

      OliviaDaughter LM 5 years ago

      Excited ! Great lens.

    • Celticep profile image

      Celticep 5 years ago

      @JoshK47: Me too Josh, will be updating here as the Games progress

    • WriterJanis2 profile image

      WriterJanis2 5 years ago

      So looking forward to this.

    • profile image

      JoshK47 5 years ago

      Can't wait to see how everyone does! :)

    • profile image

      anilsaini 5 years ago

      nice lens

    • Michey LM profile image

      Michey LM 5 years ago

      It will be interesting to watch, I love competitions and Olympics are always great.

    • Celticep profile image

      Celticep 5 years ago

      @MarcoG: Yes it is exciting! We have a special interest in the Olympics because my late uncle won a Bronze in the 4x100m relay in Rome back in 1960. Thanks for visiting the lens :)

    • MarcoG profile image

      Marc 5 years ago from Edinburgh

      I can't wait for the Olympics - so exciting that it's over here for 2012!! We have the torch coming past soon too!!