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Updated on October 14, 2010

I love football. I love the estetics of football. I love the athleticism of football. I love the movement of the players, the antics of the coaches. I love the dynamism of the fans. I love their passion for their badge and their color of their team and their country. I love the noise and the buzz and the electricity in the stadiums. I love the songs. I love the way the ball moves and then it flows and the way a teams fortunes rise and fall through a game and through a season. But I love the football that it brings people together across religious divides, geographic divides, political divides. I love the fact that for ninety minutes in a rectangular piece of grass, people can forget hopefully, whatever might be going on in their life, and rejoice in this communal celebration of humanity.The biggest diverse, invasive or pervasive culture that human kinds knows is football. And I love the fact that at the altar of football human kind can come worship and celebrate.


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    • chrisaltamirano profile image

      chrisaltamirano 7 years ago from California

      Thanks a ton! I appreciate the support! Yeah I live in the USA. UNFORTUNATELY, the main sports are basketball, American Football, and Baseball! I wish there was more passion for the game here as there is over seas. Yes I think I first watched a Wolverhampton match when they were still in the first division, I was about 13? I'm 21 now. I have a friend right now actually on trial at Burnley FC although I think he's going to play in Norways first division, one if the clubs that always has the potential to make the Champions League. So kudos to him! Anyways thanks for reading my first hub, much more to come!

    • attemptedhumour profile image

      attemptedhumour 7 years ago from Australia

      I love football too and still play indoor football at fifty eight. The world cup was a let down though for one reason only. That stupid ball they used. I know i'm old and sound just like my dad, or granddad. But the slower and heavier the ball, the more skill is involved. I'm a Wolverhampton Wanderers fan by the way we're second bottom of the English Premier league, so nervous times ahead. I like your first hub, it's short, sharp, passionate, football related and well written. Welcome to hubpages, i'm newish too and i would be honored to be your first follower. Cheers from Australia