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Meet Coach Greg Schiano

Updated on September 17, 2012

Meet Coach Greg Schiano

A bit of news on the Giants Tampa Bay Football game on week 2 of the 2012 season.

Seems NY Giants coach Tom Coughlin did not appreciate his first meeting with coach Schiano in their first NFL meeting.

In the final seconds of the game coach Schiano used a college playbook to try to get a forced fumble and hopfully benefit from the turnover and save the game. Now Coach Coughlin did not think that was a very smart play to call and was quite vocal about it after the game, as you can see in the picture.

Now, in my humble opinion he just did what every fan has always wanted to see from their team when the score was close and the opposite team would run the clock out. I loved it! One thing is for sure, it has blown up the football and sports in general circles as the topic of the day, and many differing opinions have surfaced.

Coach Schiano at Ruttgers
Coach Schiano at Ruttgers

Was this a college play being executed in the NFL and was it a bad call on coach Shiano's part?

I am all for playing the game to the end and giving both teams a chance to finish the game.

I have never been a fan of the knee and never will be. Specially in a close game that could be decided by one play. I always felt like it was playing preference to the team with the lead and it was letting them off the hook to finish the game.

I believe that coach Coughlin was more surprised than anything at seeing this play unfold, and he was caught off guard. If the play would have resulted in a fumble and a change in winners, I can only imagine the uproar we would have heard all week about how unfair it was, etc....

So, this leads me to the next question, what do you think about this play? Does it belong in the NFL? Should teams be required to play to the clock runs out? How many basketball games have been decided in the last 3 seconds?

Take the quiz below and lets see where everyone is at with this.


Was the call by Coach Shiano at the end of the game a good call or a bad call?

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Duel Debate Module

DO you agree with Coach Shirano or coach Coughlin?

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