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Best Bowling Balls for Men 2015

Updated on January 9, 2015

Good Bowling Balls 2015

As any bowler will tell you, the most important thing that will make or break their bowling score is the ball they use. Some bowlers even claim that a particular color is important to their over all performance.

Whether you are a seasoned bowler or just beginning, here are a few bowling balls that could work for you. And eliminate those spares and gutter balls, too!!


Brunswick Slingshot Bowling package

The Brunswick Slingshot Bowling package is one of the best deals for men's bowling balls on the online market. In this package you not only get a bowling ball but also a nicely sized bowling bag to carry it in. The ball itself is great for beginners or bowlers who play at an intermediate level and is made from reactive urethane. The Slingshot is a high performance ball thanks to the new core, which has a proven cover stock wrapped around it.

The bag has an adjustable shoulder strap for easy carrying and a front pocket for easy accessory access. The ball comes in a variety of different weights, as this package is for men women, and children. The weights range from 16 pounds to 10 pounds and you can order whichever is right for you. The ball is also beautiful to behold. Even I thought it was stunning when I first saw it. The bowling ball is black and silver streaked with the Slingshot logo on the front, which makes it look very impressive. Another feature that I love is that the bag leaves room for your bowling shoes as well, which makes it easy to pick up and go to the lanes. If you are looking for a beautiful starter ball then go with the Brunswick Slingshot Bowling package.

C System Ulti Match
C System Ulti Match

C System Ulti-Max Bowling Ball

from Brunswick

A new and improved ball from Brunswick is the C System Ulti-Max Bowling Ball. This versatile ball was designed with new chemical friction technology to give you the ultimate bowling experience. The weight of the ball ranges from 12 pounds to 16 pounds and "uses the highest concentration of the friction additive in order to maximize the chemical system" (Amazon.)

The mass of the ball is centered to provide better stability and the rough buff finish allows the ball to skid through the front while the back end rotates continuously so you can cut through the pins. The back end works impressively. This is another flashy ball with black, red, and silver, streaks and clouds and C System Ulti-max on the front.

One customer describes the ball as "very, very, very nice" and I would have to agree. With this new technology this ball looks like it could do some serious damage on the lane and I would recommend it. If you are an intense bowler than the C System Ulti-Max Boling Ball is right for you.


Hammer Taboo Bowling Ball

A ball that is sure to receive some attention is the Hammer Taboo Bowling Ball. Some reviewers describe this ball as "the best" and the ball is so good it is hard to put it down. This ball has a shiny blue, black, and purple surface with Taboo outlined in a subdued yellow on the front. The ball was produced with an HD color process which gives it a vibrant look.

With weight ranging from 13 pounds to 16 pounds this is not a ball for weak men. The Taboo promises more hook and continuation in the backend so knock down more pins. The coverstock is a grand theft reactive core and it has the core of the Black Widow, another great bowling ball. Recommended for medium to heavily oiled lanes, this ball is not for messing around. Let the ball do the work and you'll be bowling straight.

This ball does have somewhat of a learning curve and it may take a few games to get used to it, but I highly recommend the Taboo to any advanced bowler. You received great speeds, excellent curve, and a ball like this is sure to improve your game. The Hammer Taboo Bowling Ball is an A plus ball in my book and if you are serious about getting a great new ball then this may be your best pick.


Ebonite Zoom Predrilled Bowling Ball

Perfect for the Occasional Bowler

The Ebonite Zoom Predrilled Bowling Ball has a glossy black, blue, and silver finish and the most weight you can get is 14 pounds. This is more of a recreational bowling ball and is made with durable polyester. Perfect for the occasional bowler this ball has a good, not too drastic, hook and is well built. You will have to adjust to this ball, but once you get used to it the Zoom does the trick.

You do have to be careful about ordering sizing because it comes predrilled but this is another wonderful starter ball. I, for one, do not like going to the bowling alley and spending forever trying to find a ball that I like and that has a comfortable fit for my fingers. If you are like me and bowl enough to just justify buying your own ball tan get the Ebonite Zoom Predrill Bowling Ball and you won't be sorry.

T zone
T zone

Brunswick T-Zone Indigo Bowling Ball

Lastly is a ball that will knock off their socks and knock down the pins. The Brunswick T-Zone Indigo Bowling Ball is has a beautiful blue and silver finish with the T-Zone on the front. The weights of this ball range from 6 pounds for the young kids to 16 pounds, so this is a great family ball. This is a great ball for beginners and spare shooters.

The ball is made of plastic and polyester and actually comes in a variety of colors, not just Indigo. The T-Zone has a high gloss finish for a better hook and is great on any type of lane. This is a ball which is not supposed to curve, so I think it is perfect for picking of those spares. This ball is also very affordable, so it is easy to buy as your spare ball but it works well as your main bowling ball too. The Brunswick T-Zone has a smooth hook which makes it great for beginners and professionals and customers are very happy with the ball's performance. If you are looking for a great ball at an affordable price I urge you to consider the Brunswick T-Zone for you bowling needs.

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