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MMA Gloves For Kids

Updated on March 14, 2013

MMA Gloves For Kids Training And Safety

MMA gloves for kids is a must have to effectively train and prepare any youth for advancement in this type of sport.

The world of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighting is growing in popularity at a rapid rate. "The sport is booming". So, naturally, it isn't just the grown-ups that get into it - the kids want to get into it too.

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Further, like any sport, the need to start training young becomes true, and suddenly there is also a growth in MMA gloves and gear for kids.

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Mixed Martial Arts Kids Gloves For Training

Revgear Kids MMA Training Gloves
Revgear Kids MMA Training Gloves

Made with leather and provides plenty of padded protection in all the right areas.

Bad Boy Kids MMA Training Glove
Bad Boy Kids MMA Training Glove

These are pre-curved and they fit better than most similar type kids training gloves.

Grappling MMA Training Gloves UFC Style Gloves Red And Black Pairs
Grappling MMA Training Gloves UFC Style Gloves Red And Black Pairs

Good durability and can be used in training and for matches as well.

Franklin Sports Youth MMA Gloves
Franklin Sports Youth MMA Gloves

If your a beginner and want to excel in mma, boxing, and more, these can help you while your training by protecting your knuckles, fingers and hands while punching a bag and more.


4 Reasons Kids Will Benefit From MMA Training

Buying MMA gloves for kids is safer than bare knuckles!

#1) Health

It's important to recognize MMA as a sport. Frequently, this is usually where the debate about MMA begins - that the brutal nature of MMA fighting and how folks get knocked out incites violence. The truth is MMA is a fighting sport, like boxing or martial arts, and actually combines several disciplines.

Due to this, to be any good at the sport requires an athlete's thorough training and mindset. Athletes always aim for the best health and performance, so getting kids involved at an early age promotes good health, staying fit, and exercising regularly.

Let's face it - in an era full of video game and media options, getting kids off the couch and into a gym starting at an early age builds great habits!

#2 Reason Kids Will Benefit From MMA Training

#2) Discipline

Along with health benefits, kids begin to learn discipline. Training and competition are lifestyles that require a great amount of discipline.

Rebellious and lazy youth are not uncommon in this generation, but athletic training always provides a platform for learning about discipline and applying it across the wide spectrum of life choices and decisions. Kids apply what they learn from sports to their lives and discipline is a great lesson to learn.

#3 Reason Kids Will Benefit From MMA Training

#3) Self-defense

Folks tend to assume that because kids are learning a fighting sport, they will end up more violent and in more fights. The fact is that most fighting sports, taught at a young age, actually help keep kids out of trouble then getting in it.

There are rules to MMA, just like any fighting sport, and any trainer worth anything will not teach their kids to go maul random people for fun, or take out bullies, or pick fights.

If anything, because fighting sports teach discipline and that the average person does NOT know these types of fighting techniques, youth are taught to learn self-control and to problem solve and diffuse potentially violent situations.

We can't blame MMA, for kids fighting - kids have been fighting before the advent of any fighting sports! If anything, the training of MMA teaches kids how to defend themselves if the need ever arises, it also teaches them to harness their skills in controlled competitive environments as a sport.

Just like a stellar quarterback doesn't make it a habit to whip footballs at people for fun, the serious MMA athlete does not just go around picking fights with random unskilled people. It's important not to highlight the one or two bad apples who use MMA inappropriately and condemn the whole sport.

#4 Reason kids will benefit from MMA training

#4: Goals

MMA teaches kids about setting goals and reaching for them. Like any sport, you grow in the sport of MMA with practice, and you set goals. MMA teaches youth about trying to achieve goals and that life lessons is invaluable for youth.

Should one buy MMA gloves for kids? Yes. Get your kid involved in MMA early on, let them learn discipline, stay healthy, learn self-defense, and learn about goals. Youth have only to grow from MMA if learned and trained by teachers who care, really care about the sport and the youth.

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