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More Easy Camping Recipes - Make You Own Dehydrated Food

Updated on August 10, 2013

Easy Camping Recipes - Make You Own Dehydrated Food

Water. It's so precious but it is heavy. One gallon weighs ten pounds. I have to carry water when I go camping so I cut back on the weight by bringing quick easy camp food that just uses water to complete. I do it by making my own dehydrated foods. By cutting out the water you cut out the weight. There are several ways to create your own prepackaged meals when camping. Some you prepackage for weight considerations, while other you prepackage for convenience. You want the time you are out camping to be enjoyable and making easy camping recipes is the first step.

We'll be doing a lot of camping and canoeing this summer so I've been researching making easy camping meal ideas. Though owning or making a food dehydrator is one way to make your own dehydrated food. Another way is to buy the high priced dehydrated camp meals from the specialty stores. My way for making easy meals for camping is to shop smart.

Easy Camping Recipes - - stuff to make your meal easy and memorable

Potato Pearls Excel Mashed Potatoes - 3.37 lb.
Potato Pearls Excel Mashed Potatoes - 3.37 lb.

Nothing makes a meal like mashed potatoes. Why not take the easy way with camping meals - light weight and no mess. Excellent.

Powdered Whole Eggs - 2.25 Pound Can
Powdered Whole Eggs - 2.25 Pound Can

Great for adding to mixes - pancake mix, cake mix, even bannock. I also use it in a spice mix for adding to hamburger meat.

Easy Food Dehydrating and Safe Food Storage
Easy Food Dehydrating and Safe Food Storage

I always have a book to add to my collection.

Pantry Stuffers Soup Mixes: Using Dehydrated Products
Pantry Stuffers Soup Mixes: Using Dehydrated Products

Soup mixes are awesome. Just add water and go. They also make a mean meatloaf.

Nesco FD-75A Snackmaster Pro Food Dehydrator, White - MADE IN USA
Nesco FD-75A Snackmaster Pro Food Dehydrator, White - MADE IN USA

Vegetables and peppers from the garden makes easy camping recipes a joy. Maks it easy to store excess produce as well.

easy camping recipes
easy camping recipes

Quick Easy Camping Food

- shop hungry

Preparing easy camping recipes is as easy as walking down the grocery isle. No need to buy those expensive dehydrated tail foods in the camping shops. You can buy easy meals right off the shelf. Meals that taste good.

You can't go wrong with instant mashed potatoes and powdered milk as stables. They can be used as it, just add water or they can add flavor and substance to other meals. Turn meat loaf into shepherds pie or add powder milk to flours salt and baking powder to make a biscuit mix. Add more water and turn that biscuit mix into pancakes. Add berries and less water and make bannock. The list goes on.

Dried soup mixes can be used as is or added to ground beef to make hamburger or meatloaf.

Hit the spice isle and get prepackaged mixes for gravy, stew, chili, tacos and a whole variety of other meals.

Rice and pasta are dried so they are light and you can mix and match spice mixes to vary the meals they create. Make dried egg noodles with turkey gravy and ground turkey meatballs. Or maybe instant rice with taco spices and use burrito shells as both plate and food.

Be creative and you can find tons of options without carrying the weight. And with one pot meals - cleanup is fast and easy.

easy camping recipes
easy camping recipes


  • spanish peanuts
  • cashews
  • almonds
  • M&M's
  • sweetened cocoanut
  • dried raisins
  • dried blue berries


  1. Trail mix is the easiest camping food to make. Bag it and go. I make it from whatever I like at the bulk bins in the supermarket. It's different every time I make it. Sometimes it sweet sometimes its spicy. Make it how you feel at the time.
  2. It's great for snacks when paddling a canoe or hiking the trail and you don't want to stop and prepare a meal. My favorite easy camp food.
Cast your vote for Trail Mix - One of my easy camping recipes

Do You Make Your Own Easy Camp Recipes - - or opt out and buy the expensive stuff

Do you cook the same meals camping as you do at home? What sort of changes do you make. Do you use prepared foods regardless of weight or is weight an issue?

What is your preferred method for easy meals for camping?

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Tools Needed For Easy Camp Foods

When cooking this type of food you need a good stove. I swear by the butane stoves. They burn much hotter than propane stoves and the fuel canisters are much smaller and lighter. They are clean burning and can safely be used indoors provided there is enough ventilation. ( Most restaurants that serve hot food lines use these type of burners ) They are also a lot quieter than the white gas burners. My first backpacking stove was a white gas model and it sounded like a jet engine burning away. It cooked my food way better than propane but it was noisy and a pain to prime and setup. The only drawback to the butane model is they are not backpack stoves. I carry two in the camper with me. One bottle of fuel does roughly one days cooking.

As most of the dishes are one pot dishes a set of pots is a good idea as well and a kettle. You can get a stacking set of pots for camping if you are concerned about space. I have two pots and a cast iron dutch oven with legs as my set of cooking pots. A small one for morning porridge, a medium sized one for pastas and the dutch oven for making cakes, bread or stews. I also have two kettles; a small one for a quick cup of tea and a 3 quart one that sits over the campfire for heating washing water.

I get by with a fork a wooden spoon, a narrow flipper, a set of tongs and a shallow ladle. I keep these rolled up in a canvas roll that has pockets for each and a tie to close the roll or to hang it up open. My portable kitchen drawer. I have extra pockets for cutlery as well.

I have a stacking set of wash pans. My washing station has three parts. Wash pan, sterilize pan and rinse pan. I hate drying dishes because I am left with a wet towel that can collect germs so I usually air dry everything then put it away in a covered bin. The wash water is cooled to where I can wash comfortably but the sterile and rinse bins are boiling hot. I use the tongs to fish the items in and out of those bins. They dry super fast that way too. The sterilize bin has a splash of chlorine bleach in the water. You can never be too safe.

Right now all my cooking pots and pans are stowed in a covered tote but I plan to build a kitchen box that has compartments in it for storage and a set of folding legs on the sides so I can use it as a cook station as well. But that is down the road.

Camping Tip:

If you are using your kettle or pots over a wood fire, coat the outside of the pot with liquid dishsoap before you put it over the fire. When you are done cooking the outside will clean up good as new instead of being soot black. Saves cleanup time.

Late Night Campfies Are The Best - -S'Mores are better than snores

easy camping recipes
easy camping recipes

Sometimes the simple things are the best. A late evening campfire makes for lasting memories but here in northern Canada we have to shift to "camp time" because sun set is after 10 o'clock at night so on the first night of the camping trip we all switch our watches to "camp time" of 8 o'clock at sundown. That way we can enjoy a couple hours of campfire fun and sleep in later in the mornings.

For the most part this works as long as you set everyones time to the same and are not really interacting with others on real time. If you are planning trips to museums or functions put on by parks staff then that concept doesn't work but you can set up some sort of similar way to enjoy the dark times as well.

Last night I was out camping and woke up for a midnight walk. It's the first time I've seen stars so bright that I could see the Milky Way. It's been a long time since I've seen that with all the light pollution in this age.

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