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Morning Campers

Updated on October 9, 2012

When undergoing the rigours of a mountain climb or an arduous hill walk it would be ideal to be able to travel unladen, free of all the extra effort that is required to carry equipment, and all the additional weight that that entails.

Unfortunately when one is intending to be out for a while and in an environment where one is unlikely to find a corner shop for the supply of basic but essential provisions, such as food, taking some along for the journey, and the means to prepare it, is fairly much a must.

Under the circumstances the equipment that you do decide to take must be of the very best standard, and certainly fit for its very important purpose. More than anything else it needs to be reliable, functional, versatile and as lightweight as it can possibly be when every ounce of your energy is at a premium.

With this in mind some of the more basic apparatus on the market in terms of camping stoves and associated pots and pans is not really adequate for the serious climber. Instead everything needs to have been considered, every particular and peculiar need factored in, when manufacturing the end product.

MSR - PocketRocket
MSR - PocketRocket

MSR Cooking Equipment

A company that specialises in the production of cooking equipment for climbing is MSR. MSR provides a very impressive range of cooking equipment suitable for mountaineering and hiking in a range of sizes - and prices.

Whilst it would be wrong to compromise essential functionality for the sake of economy, there may be practical reasons why a climber might wish to take only the bare basics. It may be that he or she will be travelling alone, or at least in a very small group, and that other equipment also needs to be transported. Conversely the expedition may involve a whole team, in which case the luxury of taking along a relatively sophisticated set of equipment can be afforded.

Such equipment may include not only the cooking apparatus itself but a whole range of accessories such as pots, pans and drinking mugs. It will certainly need to include fuel bottles and other such items for the essential purposes of keeping the stove working in the manner for which it was designed.

As climbing equipment goes cooking apparatus may not be essential to the act of climbing in itself, but it is most essential for the purpose of sustaining the climber and keeping up the strength and the energy that is needed for the successful conclusion of an assignment.

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