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Affordable Motorized Treadmills - Electric Treadmill Running Machines

Updated on July 3, 2013

An Introduction To Electric Treadmills

Sooner or later in your search to buy a treadmill you'll have to start making some decisions about the type of treadmill machines you are looking for. One of the most import factors to look at is whether you want to buy a electric motorized treadmill or to opt for a less expensive manual or self propelled treadmill. Motor powered treadmills do however offer significant advantages over the self-powered versions which justify the price differences. This article looks at the benefits of the best motorized treadmills and what you should look out for in a treadmill motor, including things like comparing horsepower and why a continuous duty motor is what you require to ensure you get the best exercise machine for your personal requirements.

Editor's Pick For Best Motorised Treadmill - Recommended in the mid-price level range

Not all motor treadmills are created equally. they range from cheap entry level motorised treadmills to very expensive commercial grade running machines. The machine featured here is an excellent mix of some of the best features of the higher level machines but at a low price of around $1000 - almost 50% of it's orginal retail price. If you can afford that little extra, then the Bowflex series 7 treadmill is an excellent choice. For lower price more affordable running machines scroll down for prices between 400 - $700.

Bowflex Series 7 Treadmill
Bowflex Series 7 Treadmill

This excellent quality motorised treadmill has a 3hp motor with a top speed of 11mph making it ideal for walking, jogging and running workout regimes. The electronic console features 15 inbuilt fitness programs with grip and telemetric heart rate monitoring. Incline controls up to 11% with a cushioned deck for kindness to ankle, knee and hip joints. It's always a good sign when manufacturers put their money where their mouth is and stand behind the quality of their fitness machines and Bowflex certainly does that here with an excellent 15 year frame warrantee and 10 year motor warrantee for real peace of mind. Complete details available by clicking through.


Motorized Treadmills Compared With Manual Treadmills

What Is A Motorised Treadmill Anyway?

When people refer to a motorized treadmill compared with a manual treadmill they are usually talking about the mechanism which moves the treadmill belt. In a manual, or self-powered machine, you are moving the belt yourself using your own leg muscles to get the belt started and maintain its motion throughout the course of the workout. Treadmill motors, however, take the place of the user's own legs as the power source which drives the belt at a constant OR variable speed at the touch of a button.

Whilst it may be tempting to think of a manual treadmill as being superior as it is easy to assume that it forces you to work leg muscles harder to move the belt yourself, the reality is a lot less appealing. In actuality, the force required to move the belt, especially from a stationary position can be quite high unless you put the treadmill bed at a sometimes excessive incline to give you a helping hand. Manual treadmills can put additional unecessary stress on you knees and other leg joints and muscles as they work to start and maintain the belt motion. Manual self-propelled treadmills are less enjoyable to use, rarely feel anything like commercial gym machines and are usually in the cheap and budget price end of the market.

Motorized running machines, on the other hand, range from budget motorised treadmills, right up to the sometimes eyeball popping prices of commercial grade equipment. The electric motor drives the treadmill belt mechanism, not the users legs which is kinder to joints and muscles but also has numerous other benefits.

With a manual running machine the belt moves only as fast or slow as the user themselves does. Motorized treadmills however, will move at a speed controlled through the control panel. You can speed up or slow down the belt speed at will, as well as adjust things like incline levels at the touch of a button. Built in programs will even do all this to a preset fitness program which are designed for such things as weight loss, increasing endurance, to boost cardio health, interval training etc. and generally, and very importantly, to shake things up a little and keep your workout from becoming boring. A dull workout is the number one thing which will cause you to stop working out and motorized treadmills will do much to prevent you from losing motivation.

Cheap and Affordable Motorized Treadmills

A cheap motorized treadmill need not necessarily be low quality too. By shopping around you can find an affordable electric treadmill for sale online at prices much lower than those originally set by the manufacturer, often saving you hundreds of dollars and up to 50% of the original price. This mean that, should you be forced to shop for cheap motorised treadmills you can get double your money's worth of machinery by shopping around for a bargain and as a result, get a much better running machine at the same low price. The following selection of highly rated budget conscious machines are offered at big discounts through

Schwinn 840 Treadmill
Schwinn 840 Treadmill

Save around 50% and get a great quality motorised treadmill discount from Amazon with the Schwinn 840 treadmill. This is a great machine at this low price, with a 2.5 Hp continuous duty motor, numerous inbuilt workout programs, cushioned running deck, incline controls and more. Max 10mph running speed and up to 300lb user weight. Click for more details.

Horizon Evolve SG Compact Treadmill
Horizon Evolve SG Compact Treadmill

Compact with 1.5 horsepower motor, max 6 miles per hour belt speed, 250 lb maxmimum user weight and folds down for simple storage when not in use. Click for more details.

Merit Fitness 725T Treadmill
Merit Fitness 725T Treadmill

Entry level motorised treadmill with a 1.25hp continuous duty motor with 2.25 total horsepower, 7 preset fitness programs, heart rate monitor, 0-10% incline and fold up frame for simple storage. Click for more details.


How To Buy A Motorised Treadmill

When you are looking at a motorised treadmill there are several things which are important to consider to find the best one for your needs. The main thing is the motor itself, which is the true guts of the machine and will determine whether your choice does the things you expect it to do. The motor determines some very important things which affect how you can use the treadmill and how effective it will be at doing things. On a motorpowered treadmill, it is the motor which controls the speed of the treadmill belt mechanism. Some low power motors will not support speeds which allow running at all so when looking specifically at low cost treadmills you need to take that into consideration.

A typical guide to the efficiency of the motor is the horsepower rating but you still need to be careful here as well because Hp can be stated as either peak horsepower or continuous duty horsepower. Some manufacturers and retailers use the peak horsepower value which is misleading because this value refers to the maximum output of the motor, something which is somewhat meaningless when buying treadmill. Continuous duty is a measurement of the sustained output of the treadmill motor during use which is much more meaningful and gives a better benchmark with which to compare treadmill motor output.

For walking, you can get away with a motor powered treadmill with a continus duty motor below 2hp but for a jogging treadmill or for running, you should look at higher values of at least 2.5HP and opt for higher if you weigh above 200lb.

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    6 years ago

    I love my Treadmill, I have had it for several ears now and I use it quite regularly. Treadmills are great because they can be used no matter what the Weather is Outside, Rainy or Cold! ;)

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    7 years ago

    You'll have everybody with a home gym soon! A treadmill makes particular sense for those of us who want to walk but just either don't get to it or weather conditions keep us indoors. Once can even Squidoo while getting some exercise!


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