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4 Pieces Of Gear Mountain Bike Rider's Should Carry With Them Each Outing

Updated on April 25, 2013

Mountain Bike Gear

I absolutely LOVE Mountain biking but it can be one of the most fun, demanding and dangerous things you can do and trust me there's nothing crappier than being out on some remote area trip having a blast only to have something come up and find you are not prepared properly. This might include a crash, climate related or repair problems.

There are four different groups of Mountain Biking gear a rider ought to constantly have with them whenever they make a decision to go off for a prolonged ride some place off the road or on it for that matter. Believe me, troubles can crop up on the pavement as well. You'd be amazed at how often outings were ruined for the whole group when somebody comes unprepared. I speak from experience on both sides of that fence!

Carry on reading and we will cover the 4 pieces of equipment you should be sure to keep on you and even offer information on buying these things in case you don't already have them.

1. Protective Gear for Mountain Bike riders - You need to make sure you have your Mountain Bike safety gear with you any time you cycle to be protected. Now I am referring mainly to a bicycle helmet but a reliable pair of gloves and eye protection wouldn't be bad to get either but the helmet is the most imperative item of them all, period.

Be assured of this though, when we chat about bicycle helmets it doesn't include those low-cost, plastic models they sell in department stores though they too, are much safer than nothing at all.

This is one you really do not want to cheap out; it may well save you from becoming paralyzed or ending up with a alarming brain injury or perhaps lifeless. Pick up the top model you can afford and be certain you wear it properly, as in that it fits perfectly and be for certain to put it on it all the time while you're riding.

2. Water Bottles for Bicycle Riders - Another crucial component to any excellent mountain bike outing is hydration. Without it you will not survive long if it's pretty balmy out or if the trail is exhausting where you're likely to perspire out most, if not all of your internal water supply. Nevertheless it's simple to avoid the danger of thirst is little obstacle with just the sheer possession of an easy to tote hydration source to be guaranteed you are able to snag a swallow any time you want one.

The enjoyable information at this point is that there are a few excellent types people can decide on from which can do the trick for a rider. For illustration, loads of riders will opt for only bringing a water bottle that connects to the bike frame and then they might keep an additional bottle or 2 to top off as required. The obstruction here is that this choice is more often than not merely good for less lengthy rides where you are simply out for a restricted stretch or when wherever you are riding has nearby water for you to fill up your container as desired. For lengthy or more secluded rides you may need to go for the backpack water system.

This is a choice among practiced riders. It generally will come in the appearance of a small backpack you put on, with a tube that comes out and can be grabbed and sucked on to get a drink with extremely slight struggle or distraction to you as you cycle. The mouth-piece on the tip of the hose will need to be pressed together or bitten to permit the water to flow and as you let loose of it the water remains in place making it exceedingly trouble-free to use.

It can come in many sizes to decide from and are able to store a 1/2 gallon or more of water for you, entirely on your back. An additional supplementary benefit is that lots of of the backpack hydration systems will come with more pockets to permit you to set your spare tire inner tube and also repair tools in it so you are able to take the heavier burden without difficulty on your back.

3. Mountain Bike Clothing - They produce exclusive clothing for bicycle riders that aid with a number of of the numerous troubles that would ruin a bike excursion. Take bicycle shorts for example, they are made with a well cushioned rear-end sewn in that helps to shield your behind from the bike seat. Bicycle manufacturers do everything they know how to to keep the weight low on the bicycles they fabricate so they will go with what's considered to be minimum amount of cushioning in the seat. Be sure of this on a brutal ride you can wind up with a butt so sore it is difficult to sit down so that extra cushioning from the mountain bike shorts can be a marvel.

The mountain bike riding gloves that they have are finger-less so you can nonetheless get a safe grip and they can really help with a accident on pebbles or rocks and they also help to stop blisters on sustained rides if you grip a little much.

An added excellent article to keep on you, literally, is a mountain bike shirt. They are intended to do what is referred to as, wick the moisture off of the skin. They're also created with micro fiber fabric planned to allow air to pass through helping to cool you down as the shirt dries as you ride along. They manufacture them with a pouch in the back where you can stow some small stuff like keys, wallet and even water bottles; though your body temperature tends to lukewarm the water pretty fast from what I've had happen. Be positive to decide on a intense color if you're planning on riding on the road so it will help to be for sure drivers see you.

Depending on where you cycle you could be prone to freak weather issues. Consider the mountains for example, storms can happen quickly and rain on you for a brief time and then it moves on. It usually isn't sufficient to be concerned about the rainfall ruining the trail but it can make for an lousy ride with saturated clothes sticking to you not to mention any mp 3 players you could have on you being ruined as well. This is where a lightweight, waterproof poncho of some variety is wonderful for the situation. Purchase a unit that is easily folded up small and stored away some place until wanted yet again.

4. Bike Tools - Bicycle Repair tools are also to a large extent like your protection gear because you must never go riding without them. This will include if you are smart, either a tire patch kit or better than that, a spare tire inner tube.

With the sharp stones, logs, stickers and just simple wear and tear itself, it is awfully easy to wind up with a flat tire and if it's too bad to patch your ride is over and you have a sustained stroll in front of you. This is the major reason it's recommended by experienced riders to take the spare tube.

A multi tool intended for mountain bike repair can come with assorted Allen wrenches, screwdrivers, open-end wrenches and even spoke wrenches. Contained within a one tool or maybe kit, this can depend on what they go for, you will have everything that is required to see to a repair wherever it occurs.

Damage you should to consider are that mountain bike tires as well as becoming flat, can have the rims get knocked out of alignment on especially difficult trails; so it's good to be able to adjust the spokes as needed to align the tire rotation.

Like mentioned the multi tool often contains all the wrenches including Allen and boxed, screwdrivers and flat tire repair tools you want to do repairs finished on the trail but if you buy the right kit, it will consist of chain repair parts and tools because that's an additional trip trashing difficulty for which you want to be ready. Scores of outings have been ruined due to someone in the group breaking a chain and no one having anything with them to mend the problem.

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Mountain Bike Portable Repair kit

Giro Indicator Sport Bike Helmet
Giro Indicator Sport Bike Helmet

This is a great helmet for the money. It is very comfortable being super lightweight and durable, yet still stylish. With plenty of ventilation and great colors to choose from this is well worth the money and will do a good job in protecting your head from an injury while out mountain bike riding!


With only a little pre planning by you can be clear in your mind you're all set no matter what trouble arises and assure your trip is a good quality one. You don't have to obtain everything at once, opt for the helmet and repair tools 1st seeing as they're pertinent and then get a hold of the other things mentioned as you are able. As soon as you get entirely equipped you will note how much simpler it's to have a magnificent bicycle trip because you're set for whatever comes at you.

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