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Here are some of the Drills for the Beginner Volleyball players.

Updated on February 9, 2016
  1. Service: A Volleyball game and point starts with a service so this is something one should learn before anything. A player can do this drill alone as well but it will take more time as he will serve from one side and then he will have to go to the other side to collect the ball. To save the time and energy two players can do this drill and keep serving to each other. To be a good server one must serve atleast 500 times in a day.
  2. Toss and Run: To serve better one must have a very good toss. The toss also depends on the height of the player but players should determine what would be the appropriate height of their toss. After that part they should also have a little run up to have some momentum when they make a contact with the ball. This drill should also be done atleast hundred times in the day as the right timing is very important.
  3. Jump and Hit: After the toss and run it is jump and hit. Because hitting the ball rightly is the most important thing. You have to adjust your jump according to your toss and run so they can be done together as well. The height of the jump should also be according to the height of the player as tall people are generally good servers because their service comes from a good height.
  4. Jumping near the wall for Blocking: In Volleyball you can lose a point if your body or arm touches the net. On the other hand it is very important to block the fast smashes coming from your opponents. Some times when a players jumps to block, his or her body touches the net and this results in their side losing points. So the players must jump infront of the wall to make sure that they do not touch it.
  5. Passing the ball: Players should also do practice of passing the ball. In Volleyball it is very important to hit the gently so that the partner will be in perfect position to smash it. For that, both hands should be joint and should toss the ball right infront of the partner. The co-ordination is very important so this drill must be done by two players on each side.
  6. Hit the Cones: The placement of the serve is also very important in Volleyball so it would not be very suitable if the serve goes direct to the opponent. The players must know how to serve in gaps so cause a problem for the opponents. For this cones should be placed in the opposite side of the court and players should be asked to aim them. When a player has good control over the ball they will hit the cones.
  7. Wall Practice: Sometimes you may not find a partner to practice with and your partner may be tired or may not be in mood to play. So you must have something which is always on your disposal. A wall is the best practice partner because when you hit a ball at it, the ball will definitely come back. There is no chance of error from the wall as well, because the other player may hit the ball in net or may miss it. This can improve the accuracy of the player and can also help in building the stamina because the wall never gets tired and you can play as long as possible.
  8. Winner keeps the ball: This drill can be used to motivate the players to do more and improve their game as the teams should be given 10 or 20 balls. The rule should be simple that the winner of the game will keep the ball. This way, players would be very energetic and everybody loves to have more balls. They will try their best to win the games and when the stakes are raised there is definitely more fun in the game.


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