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Scuba Diving Accessories for Every Diver

Updated on April 14, 2016

Make your Dive Trip a Success with these Scuba Diving Extras

Besides the obvious things that you need for a dive like a BCD, regulator, wetsuit, mask and fins, there are some accessories that you should never leave home without. Things like a compass, diving knife, safety sausage and whistle are basic pieces of safety gear that all divers should have with them at all times. Other things like mask-defogger and a quick-dry towel can help you to have an enjoyable dive/post-dive. And of course, no diver should ever go diving without a save-a-dive-kit. Your mask or fin-strap breaks? You need a spare O-Ring? These kits have it all! And finally, a dry bag and Octopus keeper will make sure that you travel in style while underwater!

A tip to make your life easier: why not put all your accessories into a single dry-bag that you take with you on every vacation or dive-trip? You'll have everything that you need, every single time.

Dive Light - So you can look in all those crooks and crannies to find the cool stuff

Pelican Nemo 2010N LED Dive Flashlight, Blue
Pelican Nemo 2010N LED Dive Flashlight, Blue

This dive light packs a powerful punch in an extremely small package. You can easily wear it around your wrist, attach it to your BCD, or keep it in your BCD pocket for those occasions when you need it. It's powerful enough to take with you on night dives, but it's also ideal to take with you on dives during the day so you can peak in all those dark cracks and saves and under rocks. Find out what's lurking in all those dark corners.


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What You Really Need for that Dive

Extra Small Save a Dive Kit

XS Scuba Save A Dive Kit
XS Scuba Save A Dive Kit

This kit should be in every scuba diver's bag, even if you are going out on a trip with a dive shop. You'd be surprised that some shops don't even carry the basics like O-rings for your tank. I recommend this kit because it is small and light, but contains everything you need for minor repairs to your dive equipment.

This save-a-dive kit contains:

* Plastic sealing box

* Deluxe regulator mouthpiece;(3) mouthpiece ties

* Stainless steel weight keeper; (6) common sized o-rings

* Deluxe fin strap with male and female buckles; 1" replacement buckle

* Silicone mask strap; Silicone snorkel retainer


Make the Dive even Better

Suunto Scuba Diving Compass

Suunto SK7 Wrist Compass
Suunto SK7 Wrist Compass

The highest quality scuba diving compass you can buy from the most trusted name in Dive Computers and Compasses: Suunto. This compass is guarantee to give accurate readings and be extremely durable, so it will last you for years to come. Never get lost again while you're underwater.


Which Scuba Diving Accessory do you never leave home without?

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    • Redneck Lady Luck profile image

      Lorelei Cohen 6 years ago from Canada

      Lol...I am definitely not a scuba diver I don't know what half of this gear does. It is obvious though that you do :)