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Lebron James says "Happy Birthday" to 11 Year Old Larry Stokes Jr.

Updated on January 18, 2017

Happy Birthday Larry Jr.

Hello Larry. Myself and Kyrie Irving are wishing you a happy 11th birthday. Keep practicing with your brothers so that all of you will become great players like me. Remember you must put God, family, and grades first. You could end up being in the NBA or the NFL. I heard you are a pretty good cornerback in football. I was told by your dad that you tackle and check wide receivers pretty good. Remember to always help your younger brothers with their school work and help your older brother clean up. Lastly always obey your parents and a lot of good things will happen for you. Tell your brother Amari that I talked to Steph Curry and he said that he is glad to have him as an online friend. Tell your big sister Destiny to keep swinging that baseball bat, because we need future Olympic softball players. Enjoy your day with your family birthday boy. I left my autograph on your birthday cake for you. Have fun kiddo.


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