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My Detroit Tigers Obsession

Updated on January 10, 2013

How My Detroit Tigers Obsession Began

Growing up I can remember going to visit my grandma and grandpa over the summer. It seemed like the only thing we did was watch baseball! And my grandma is a HUGE Detroit Tigers fan. I remember sitting on the couch praying for the games to end so we could do something else.

It's kind of ironic that I am now a completely obsessed Tigers fan!

In 2003 my husband and I bought our first house and our neighbor was a lifelong Detroit Tigers fan (and a bachelor). I could always tell when a game was on because he was nowhere to be found while we were out doing yardwork.

After several years of minimal talk about his beloved Tigers and extreme superstition, I started to kind of pay attention to whether they won or lost.

The flag he flew outside his house was a Detroit Tigers flag from Opening Day until the season ended. If the Tigers were on a hot streak any touching of the flag was not allowed even if it was wound around the pole. But, if they were losing he "believed" that touching the flag would bring them luck.

After a while I became the only person who was allowed to touch the flag and so little by little I started to pay attention to each games final outcome.

I Believe the Detoit Tigers are the Best MLB Franchise

This clip shows just a few of the many reasons I believe the Detroit Tigers are the best franchise in MLB history. This also shows not just why I have an obsession with the Detroit Tigers, but why so many other people do too. We don't just wear the old english D on our hats and shirts, we hold it in our hearts. Watch the clip and see for yourself.

2006 Road to the World Series

In late summer and early fall when buzz about the Penant race started surfacing I became a little more interested. I would ask questions about the Tigers as well as the overall game of baseball. (I grew up in a house where sports were not the norm.)

When the Tigers won the AL Penant and were World Series bound I tried to help my neighbor score tickets (no such luck.) That moment was what I call my true turning point toward my obsession (as my husband likes to call it.)

When the Tigers lost the World Series to the St. Louis Cardinals I found myself sad, not only that we had lost but that baseball was over for the season. Just when I was starting to get into it.

Magglio Ordonez 2006 ALCS Walk-Off Home Run!!!

My First Trip to Comerica Park

Back in 2010 I wanted nothing more than to go to a Tigers game with my grandma. What a memory to take my 72 year old grandma to see her beloved Tigers. So that's just what I did. It's a 2 1/2 hour drive from my house to the ballpark but the experience was worth every minute!

I will never forget how I felt going to my first Major League ball park. I felt so tiny walking in there. Of course there was a TON of people moving all over and all I wanted to do was stand there and take everything in. After wandering thru the crowds enjoying the sights and smells I found my seat.

When I looked out over the field I was just amazed at how much bigger it is than on TV. I looked all around me and it was just a sea of blue and orange with plenty of Old Enlish D's. It felt like I was now part of a big club.

After that first game I was HOOKED! I ended up making 3 more trips that summer. On one of my trips I took a friend who had mentioned several times she wanted to go. It's funny that she had the same reaction I did....she was HOOKED! She now shares my obsession for the Detroit Tigers.

The Tigers and My Daughters

After growing up in a house where the only sport that was watched was football (which I can't stand, nor do I understand). I wanted my girls to grow up with baseball and the Tigers as a part of their life.

When they were babies I would sit up with them and watch the game after my husband had gone to bed. The first letter of the alplabet they learned was D...for Detroit!

My oldest daughter has been wanting to visit Comerica Park for the past couple of years. This next spring I get to take both my daughters to what I like to call my "home away from home".

Tigers Parafanalia

From nothing to just about everything

After the tickets were purchased for my first game in June 2010, I knew I couldn't show up in just any old shirt. I had to wear a Tigers shirt which meant I had to go shopping. Earlier that year I bought my grandma her first Tigers shirt (funny isn't it....lifelong fan and no clothing to support your team.)

I was all set to go in my new tank top and my husbands standard navy blue hat with the old english D embroidered on the front. I later stole that hat after having it autographed by 1/2 the team.

While at the game I of course had to shop a little more and came home with another shirt. Over the past couple of years it has been a downward spiral! I have collected and received as gifts so many Detroit Tigers items it's crazy.

This past summer I even convinced my husband to paint our mailbox blue, orange and white. Then I put Detroit Tigers decals on it.

My Tiger is Austin Jackson

Back in 2010 when the Tigers traded Curtis Granderson to the New York Yankees I was sad to see him go. However, I think Austin Jackson was a great addition to the team. He is definitely one you can count on in center field. Watching him play in the Old English D that summer cemented him as my Tiger.

Who's Your Tiger?

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2013 World Series?

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Loathing of the Yankees

I cheer for two teams. The Detroit Tigers, and whoever is playing the New York Yankees!

In case you care to watch the Detroit Tigers beat up on the Yankees

This video highlights the Detroit Tigers sweeping the Yankees to win the 2012 ALCS!

Detroit Tigers Vinyl Stickers

How Did Your Detroit Tigers Obsession Begin?

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