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My Favorite Bike Shorts for Spinning Class...or Riding Outside.

Updated on November 7, 2013

Whether riding inside or out, I wear the tight black bike shorts.

Why not just wear regular hiking shorts or running shorts? Well, regular shorts bunch up around the inside of your legs with every pedal rotation. Believe me, by the end of a spin class, skin can be rubbed raw until it bleeds. And yes, that material can get bunched up in other places too and well, enough said. Usually, if a new student tries spinning without bike shorts and still loves it, they are always wearing spin shorts for the second class. You just don't go through that pain twice.

Spin shorts are an investment.

They last forever, if you wash them right. I wash my shorts in cold water. I like to add some white vinegar to the wash to get rid of any sweat smell. I also don't use fabric softener. Ironically, fabric softener will seal sweat smells inside latex athletic clothing. I hang the shorts inside out to line dry.

What makes a comfy spin short?

I like a spin short that comes a bit higher up on the waist. Sometimes, you come out of the bike saddle for a "climb". It is nice to know that the rear end is covered. Also, great spin shorts don't move around in the middle, staying flat on the tummy when bending over. That just feels good.

The elastic around the legs needs to lie flat. If elastic is wide and lies flat, then it doesn't cut into your leg, which is more flattering- and feels comfy too.

These spin shorts have "panels", which is a fancy way of saying there are many pieces of material supporting the legs. I find bike shorts look sharp when they have panels. Panels give support, and keep those little bulges covered under the smooth material.

Spin shorts have gel padding where it counts.

The gel is well... gel. The gel pad provides a cushion between your tush and the bike seat. You might think, the more gel the better. Well, I find too much gel feels kind of like a diaper. I actually don't know what a diaper feels like, but I imagine it feels heavy and stiff on the rear end. The Pearl Izumi short has just enough gel to do the job.

What size?

If still in doubt after reading the size chart, size up. I've never had shorts be too loose. I have had to return shorts that were too tight.

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These shorts have the same great qualities, but have different lengths.

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