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What I Think of the Fivefinger Barefoot Shoes, Now

Updated on March 7, 2017
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I took bellydance lessons and performed, then became interested in costume. The historical relationship of dance and culture is fascinating.

Five Fingered Shoe


The Funny Shoes That Feel Good

My Vibram Shoes

I own two pairs of Vibram Fivefinger shoes. The first pair was bought in the kangaroo leather "preforma" style, and I soon felt that they were only for indoor workouts. I loved them, and didn't want to wear them out by exposing them to hard outdoor wear.

How I Discovered The Barefoot Shoes

A post on an exercise site, one which listed this very shoe on the wishlist of the personal trainer who ran the site, made me want a pair for myself. She described the shoes as being super comfortable and great for workouts. The idea of barefoot comfort was compelling.

So I ordered a purple pair, just like the ones I saw in the post. They were so comfortable for yoga and dance workouts that it seemed important to have a pair for outdoor activity. Soon I had my stronger constructed Vibrams.

My feet have been intolerant of poor shoes for a number of years now, so Vibram shoes were a "godsend".


Sizing is different, so pay attention to the directions for getting the proper size fit.

Why Buy A Pair Of These Shoes?

  • They are comfortable
  • Vibram shoes are manufactured in different styles for specific activities
  • Vibram shoes are constructed well
  • Their barefoot running technology are believed to be healthier for feet than normal shoes

I own two pairs of Vibram fivefinger shoes and I love both of them. I have a very soft flexible pair for yoga and indoor exercising, a more durable pair for outdoors.

— Ilona

Women's Bikila - Made for running

Notes on Sizes

- there are stores that carry Vibrams and they will fit you expertly.

- there are instructions on the Vibram company site

Black Men's Komodo

Shoes that are good for runners. "Keep runners on their feet."

Different Models

There are different models of shoes made by the Vibram company. These are known by the names given the shoe, not just a mere style variation. There are 16 models for women to choose from.There are 13 shoe models for men.

Below is an example of some features of three of the men's models.

3 Men's Styles

best for gym and running
best for running
reputed to be most comfortable
thicker and more sturdy
lighter construction
laces or straps

3 Women's Styles

running and fitness
casual wear
casual and fitness
stitch-free footbed
lightweight,sole grip
support and comfort
slip-on with laces
speed lace

Cleaning Your Shoes

Most of them are machine washable using the gentle cycle. You might try simply making sure your feet are clean before using your barefoot shoes, and I've never had a smell problem, but for those who do a sports wash may be a good idea.

Nathan Sport Wash

Would I?

Now that I've worn Vibram shoes for awhile, would I buy them again? A resounding yes, I would.

My favorite use of these shoes is for indoor yoga, which is an activity I do barefoot, normally. I like the feel of the shoes and they give me traction.

I bought a heavier model for outdoors, but find I don't use them as much. When I used them during my trip to the arid West they got very dusty, which I dealt with my simply whacking them on my hand.

In my normal climate of Ohio it can get very muddy, with heavy dew in the mornings even in dry months of summer. I don't want to ruin my shoes with mud. In fact, I'm careful to use shoes I don't care about in muddy conditions here. That means street shoes, athletic shoes, etc. So, it is no reflection on the barefoot shoe, just a fact of life in rural Ohio that has a muddy season.

Boys Running Shoe

Great for light trekking, running, fitness, watersport or casual wear.

This unique footwear comes in sizing for kids, too.

What's Your Experience

Do You Wear Shoes Made By This Company?

See results


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