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Nalgene Water Bottles

Updated on November 1, 2012

Nalgene Bottles

I love my Nalgene water bottles. I try to drink a lot of water during the day and ended up with glasses all over the place. I picked up two of the Nalgene water bottles (the blue one pictured here) and now just fill those up and use them daily instead of glasses. The bottle shows measurements on the side so it is easy to see how much you are drinking. This helps ensure you drink enough water and the Nalgene is BPA-free for fresh, clean, healthy water

A Nalgene bottle is handy to have while doing any physical activity. It can hold more water than most bottles. It comes in both wide and small mouth styles. The wide mouth, makes it easy to take large sips very quickly. The smaller mouth is more like a traditional water bottle.

If you are using it while hiking, you can hook the loop on the backpack, keeping it easily accessible, as well as safely securing it.

Nalgene water bottles are eco-friendly. Use these instead of regular water bottles and you will no longer be cluttering up the landfills with a lot of plastic bottles.

Photo courtesy of Amazon; Click Here for the Nalgene Tritan 1-Quart Wide Mouth BPA-Free Water Bottle

How Is YOUR Water Intake?

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How to Care For Your Bottle

It is easy to wash the wide-mouth Nalgene water bottles due to the larger opening. If you get the small mouth variety, make sure you wash all the way up the bottle. A simple rinse is enough to clean the bottle. Don't put the lid back on until the bottle has dried out.

If you wash your Nalgene bottle in the dishwasher, it will make the plastic cloudy, which is not a big deal, but if you put it on the bottom row, it may melt on the drying elements.

Nalgene water bottles are very durable, but if you drop one repeatedly, it may get scratched. Taking care of a Nalgene bottle is easy, and if proper care is practiced a bottle can last 10 years!

I use my Nalgene's for water only and wash them every couple of days by hand. I have had mine for several years now ant they look brand new.

Drink More Water with Nalgene Water Bottles!

Using a Nalgene Water Bottle makes drinking water so much easier. Fill them up in the morning and sip all day long.

You will be more hydrated, enjoy smoother skin, flush out toxins, increase your metabolism, burn fat faster and much more.

The BPA free Nalgene bottles serve up delicious, healthy water and save our landfills from plastic.

My two Nalgene water bottles were a tiny investment at just a few dollars each but have paid off richly with great benefits!

Try a Nalgene water bottle . You will love it!


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Pick your style and color and get sipping more water!

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    • Brandi Bush profile image


      6 years ago from Maryland

      I love water. After my morning coffees, that's pretty much all I drink for the rest of the day. Yum! Great idea to carry a water bottle with you...and these Nalgene water bottles look great! :)

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I am very very bad. Despite having had kidney stones, I still don't drink enough water. I just don't like the taste of it. I think these bottles are a great idea if I could discipline myself to use them consistently.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I am confused - some sources say you need 8 glases of water per day regardless of what else you drink, others say the other things you drink and eat count in that water total. I drink a lot of liquids a day but only about 2 -4 glasses of water.


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