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Leg cramps, muscle cramps, How to make leg cramps go away fast, natural cramp relief!

Updated on April 9, 2013

Muscle Cramp Relief Now!

Muscle cramp relief now!, for most cramp sufferers, the word "relief" is nowhere in site. If you’ve ever suffered from leg cramps while walking or in the middle of the night, you know how painful and disabling it can be. There’s no clear explanation to why these things occur, there’s just many reasons why we suffer from muscle cramps and you can imagine the list is long.

If you are an active runner or you like to walk, a muscle cramp or calf muscle cramp can stop you in your spot. Many people turn to various therapies to relieve their cramp pain and the reoccurrence of leg cramps or foot cramps, others turn to their doctors for medication to hide the pain. Although you can try medication as a treatment for leg cramps, medicines in general come with side effects of their own. There’s nothing worse than taking a medication to relieve night leg cramps and end up with a stomach pain from the medicine itself. Most medications take about a half an hour to hit your system, do you know how long a half an hour is for someone suffering from calf muscle cramps?, it’s a century of pain.

You can ask your doctor about exercise or stretching ideas on how to prevent leg cramps and what he recommends for a muscle cramp treatment but there are some options available for a natural cramp relief.

There are natural over the counter products you can purchase for immediate muscle cramp relief. These products are safe and fast acting. They might not stop your muscle cramp from coming back but they will surely put a smile on your face immediately.

I always prefer the topical muscle relief products; I want to relax my muscles fast without feeling drowsy or zoned out for the rest of the day, which happens every time I ingest pills. There’s a great natural roll on cramp relief stick that stays by my bedside, it literally takes seconds from the time my leg cramp hits until it’s completely gone. This might not be the best long term treatment for cramp relief but that’s how to make cramps go away fast and give me immediate natural cramp relief.


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    • profile image

      Denis T. 23 months ago

      when you get a leg cramp have a drink of tonic water and your leg cramp will go away right away it amazing. you need to try it .

    • profile image

      JHR 2 years ago

      My wife needs a bar of soap in our bed to sleep without getting cramps. Our granddaughter saw it and asked what it was for. I told her that grandma went to bed with dirty feet. :-)

    • profile image

      Jamie 2 years ago

      I get horrendously bad thigh cramps at night so bad I think they are going to break the bone. Nothing helped until I found that heat works. I keep a heating pad by my bed with it on high and it makes the cramp lessen and eventually go away. Before the heating pad I thought those cramps were going to kill me they were so bad. Heat works !

    • profile image

      Kaley 3 years ago

      Your post captures the issue pereyctlf!

    • profile image

      Susie 3 years ago

      I thuhgot finding this would be so arduous but it's a breeze!