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Eight Best Lebron Shoes 9 10 11 by Nike

Updated on March 5, 2013

Lebron Shoes Current Best and Bestselling Nike Lebron Models

The best new Nike Lebron shoes in my opininon are these take a look at my top 10 and let me know what you think in the comments. My favorite is the brand new Nike LeBron 10 China Cutting Jade. This is just an all around awesome design. It's called the "Cutting Jade Lebron" it was released on November 10th in a limited edition. And nr.1 on my list. The Nike Lebron X Black/University also deserves some recognition as it's the "Away" edition of the Le Bron range of basketball shoes.

It has metallic silver accents and matches right up with the Miami Heat away jersey. The pressure edition is also very good and I've manage to put some really cool models for the kid in as well. I'll bet you those brand new X10's are a birthday present he will never forget.

Lebron James at a 24X30 poster

New Lebron Shoes Top 10

Authentic Nike Lebron X "Cutting Jade" Mens. These are some of the best basketball shoes out there right now. They have it all: style, looks and they are really comfortable. On the right you see the Lebron 10's in a Boys basketball model. Great for boys that are on the courts a lot.

Nike LeBron 10 China Cutting Jade (541100-303)CHECK PRICE


Video Review of the Lebron Cutting Jades


Nike Lebron 9's in a flashy orange edition. They are really cool all around even on the inside they have a space pattern. The Nike Lebron 9 P.S. Elite Mens Basketball are very stylish as well. Less flashy but with an ice touch in the golden Nike logo they can be worn with pretty much any outfit. On the court but also casual. Great gift for a guy who is pretty fanatical about basketball.


Nike Basketball Elite Series CHECK PRICE

Lebron 9 and the Nike Zoom Lebron III

The Elite model is the same as the one described above just in a very different coloring. I like these grey ones over the black elites although they are less easy to match with pretty much any outfit. The Nike Zoom Lebron III on the right have a leather upper grain and otherwide made of lightweight mesh materials. Cool agressive basketball shoe.



Nike Lebron 9's

Two 9's but in very different shapes. To each his won right? I love the model on the right but I have a lot of friends who prefer the one on the left. They both work for anyone mad about basketball.

Nike Men's Lebron 9 Miami Nights StyleCHECK PRICE

Nike Lebron 9 Low Liverpool Mens Basketball ShoesCHECK PRICE

Nike Lebron on eBay

Amazon usually has a good selection of the latest Lebron Shoes and tends to offer prices that are hard to match. It's never a bad idea to check out eBay for the model you like and see if you can get a good bid in there. Good pairs can drop there that you can get real lucky on. So give it a shot but look for reputable dealers. You don't want to get shipped knockoffs. So beware of that.

Brick Retail Only

Hope you got a good overview of the new lebron shoes by Nike that are being released into the retail brickshops. Some Limited Editions models are only available in select Nike shops, which sucks if you can't make it there, but you will quickly see them surface on eBay and Amazon where you can pick them up for a few dollars over retail. But if you love them it's worth it. Personally I'm a huge fan of the new "Cutting Jade" let me know in the comments which pair you are getting.


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    • Phillyfreeze profile image

      Ronald Tucker 4 years ago from Louisville, Kentucky

      I like the Elite Series of the Lebron James sneakers...the black color with the gold 'swoosh" logo of the Nike brand makes this shoe versatile enough to become almost a "dress shoe" for the hardcore street baller.