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Now Lets Talk College Basketball

Updated on April 10, 2012

Pro football games consist of four 15 minute quarters. College football games are the same. Pro baseball games consist of nine innings. College baseball games are the same. Pro soccer games consist of two 45 continuous minute halfs. College soccer games are the same. Pro hockey games consist of three 20 minute periods. College hockey games are the same. So now why is it college basketball plays two 20 minute halfs when pro basketball plays four 12 minute quarters? The question is even more pertinent considering that countless college basketball players are turning pro after only one year in college. This obviously indicates that many college players are "pro ready" and do not need reduced time limits to protect underdeveloped bodies. But even putting the early pro entry aside, has anyone in the last 30 years watched a college basketball game and said to themselves "these guys are not capable of playing 48 minutes". Of course not.

In the Big 12 conference, Keiton Page of Oklahoma State led the conference in minutes played at 37.11 per game and his scoring totals the last 5 games were 22, 20, 22, 29, and 15. His production did not diminish at all despite playing what most would consider pro minutes. On the other end of the Oklahoma State bench is a guy like Christien Sager who compiled a whopping 3.9 minutes per game. Come on what's the point of even putting him in. Now if they played 48 minutes then Sager could probably tally a much more respectable 6 minutes a game in which time he would be capable of breaking a sweat.

Any fan who buys a ticket to a college basketball game wants to get the most they can for every dollar and they simply are being cheated by time restrictions which from my point of view have no justification. I can at least say that although football is not my sport at least all the tailgating that occurs results in a 3.5 hour event afterwards. In college basketball the show is over in 2 hours. Events which have so much pregame hype should certainly be given the necessary time to maximize their potential. And for those that like basketball for its scoring the extra 8 minutes would result in many more games in the 80's than there currently are. It would also bolster stats for college players to a comparable level to that of the pros. So many times a really good college rebounder is averaging only 7 rebounds a game simply because he doesnt have 48 minutes to show what the average could be. What is preventing this rule from being changed by the beginning of next season? You tell me.


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