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Oakley Hockey Visors

Updated on July 27, 2016

Oakley Hockey Visors Prevent This!!!

Obviously this is not going to happen to you if you refuse to wear a visor when playing hockey, well maybe if you step in front of one of Zdeno Chara's clappers, however wearing the appropriate visor can drastically lessen the chance that you are going to sustain an eye or facial injury.

Just one of too many tragic injury stories, Steve Yzerman of the Detroit Red Wings suffered a scratched cornea and a broken left eye socket after a puck to the face in Game 5 against the Calgary Flames in the 2004 post season. Not only did he miss the remainder of the playoffs but he also required a 4 and a half hour surgery to repair his badly damaged eye and face. Yzerman did continue playing after this injury, post NHL lockout, but never did so without a visor.

Are You as Good As Ovechkin? - Didn't Think So.

If Ovechkin can have over 600 points in 6 NHL seasons, an Art Ross Trophy, a Rocket Richard Trophy, along with many other awards and honors all while wearing a visor I am pretty sure you can throw one on.

Just make sure that if you plan on wearing the same smoked visor that AO wears, you have enough skill to back it up. Wearing a smoked visor as a bender is sure to get you chirped at hardcore, so don't say that I didn't warn you.

I Know You're Probably Thinking.... - WOW! That Face Could NOT Get Any Ulgier!!

Wear A Visor Before You Look Like This!
Wear A Visor Before You Look Like This!

I know its not much worse, but the black eye and gaping, bleeding wound weren't exactly helping my cause with the ladies. I used to think that visors were for "wimps" I was quick to change my tune after taking a deflected slapshot to the face. For as bad as that looks (the injury not my face, geeze are you trying to give me a complex?) I feel that I got away lucky. A black eye and some stitches is a lot easier to deal with than permanent irreversible eye damage, I look at that picture and often ponder about how this incident could have easily blinded me.

Pro Cut Straight
Pro Cut Straight

I Now Proudly Wear This!!!

Oakley Pro Cut Straight Visor

It took me a while to find the exact visor I could be both comfortable wearing and without sacrificing any visual clarity. After trying a few different models this is the visor that met all my needs and I couldn't be happier. Some people prefer to wear a slightly longer visor like the Pro Modified Aviator but I have a shorter face top to bottom so when I tried that visor it fogged up from time to time. The smaller profile of this visor helped to eliminate all of my fogging issues and the scratch resistance coating on it makes for a very durable visor.

Pro Modified Aviator
Pro Modified Aviator

Another Nice Visor From Oakley

Pro Modified Aviator

The Oakley Pro Modified Aviator provides excellent protection for your Peepers without sacrificing any visibility. This is one of a few Oakley visors that I have owned and I was a huge fan of the vision aspect of this visor. My peripheral vision was not hampered in any way and the optical clarity was amazing. It was very scratch resistant but as I have a slightly shorter face, would fog up on me from time to time. I ended up giving this visor to my brother and as he is a little taller than me, with a slightly longer face, has had no issue with it fogging up on him.

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    • jennasm lm profile image

      jennasm lm 6 years ago

      Ovechkin looks ridiculous with that visor regardless of his skills!