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Bicycle Poetry - The Joy of Cycling

Updated on September 6, 2014

On Cycling - Exploring the Joy of Bicycling Through Original Poetry

They say that once you learn to ride a bicycle, you never forget. After not being on a bicycle for quite a while, I went cycling on a recent vacation and it was exhilarating.

In the verses below you'll discover that I explore the joy of bicycling and the bicycle in all its forms through the words of poetry. Pass on this link to your cycling friends! I hope you enjoy reading these original poems about cycling.

My newest bicycle poem is entitled "This Great Device" ... Hope you like it!

All poetry copyright Mindy Makuta (aka MyFairLadyah) Reprint with Permission

This Great Device

This Great Device

I sit astride this great device

On two spoked wheels of metal

Upon a padded seat quite nice

My butt does roundly settle

My feet propel the pedals round

That move the chains thru sprockets

Spinning wheels across the ground

So I fulfill my dockets

While not quite speedy as a car

This conveyance is handy

Allowing me with handlebars

To navigate so dandy

Before I rest this monologue

I’ll have you know quite truly

The exercise I catalogue

Befits my figure duly

Cyclists Go North

Cyclists Go North

On either side of the road

Cyclists go north

Cyclists go south

Staying inside the white line

Helmets on, water tubes in mouth

Covering the distance

Requires strong lean muscles

Pounding, pounding, pounding

On this lovely spring day

When the shoulder is wide

Two abreast they ride

Yet stay inside

The white line

Super tanned

Arms and legs

Steering, pounding, steering

Destination nearing

Read about the Fascinating History of the Bicycle

The Pennyfarthing

That funny Bicycle with the Tall wheel and the Tiny wheel

The Pennyfarthing

High up on the little seat

The pennyfarthing rider perched

The small pedals met his feet

As forward the high cycle lurched

On the Pennyfarthing

When One Needs Some Exercise

When One Needs Some Exercise

When one needs some exercise

The cyclists are very wise

Pumping makes leg muscles lean

And you get to tour around the scene

Bikes I See In Boulder

Bikes I See In Boulder

In Boulder I see a lot of crazy bikes

Like hand pedaled, recumbent and tandem

There's the right choice for whatever one likes

So don't make your cycling decision at random

About Recumbent Bicycles

Cycling is Popular Everywhere

Cycling is popular everywhere

For pleasure and for sport

Just wear a helmet on your hair

Don't leave it for a last resort

Man Cycling Along Narrow Street, Alcester, Warwickshire, Midlands, England, UK

click image to purchase from

Cycling in the Urbs

Cycling in the Urbs

Cycling is popular in very crowded cities

Such as in Copenhagen and Shanghai

Likely the people ride to their committees

And then remount when time to say goodbye

Cycling in Copenhagen - The Danes like their bicycles

I'm Not a Racer

I'm Not a Racer

I'm not a Racer

Or even a Pacer

But I'll be a Witness

To the elite Fitness

Of the athletes that Tour

And through miles Endure

Breaking Away - Great film, great cycling, great score!

Do You Own or Ride a Bicycle?

See results

If You Love Bicycle Racing ...

You'll want to read my original poem about the Tour de France titled: Le Tour

A Beautiful Bicycle Race


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