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Discounts on Green Fees through Online Tee Times

Updated on March 11, 2013

How to save money on tee times? Book online before going to the Golf Course

Online tee times are becoming the wave of the future. No longer do you go to the golf course and hope they have a tee time or calling only to find a tee after 2pm. You now can go online and check out what tee times are open at many golf courses in your area.

I've pulled together the premier online tee times websites. These sites have thousands of golf courses available and most of them offer discounts for specific tee times, so now you can get the tee time you want at a discount as well.

How Do You Book Your Tee Times or get discounted greens fees?

See results offers Online Tee Times and Discounts

1800 Golf courses in 43 states and Ontario, Canada is the premiere online tee time website with over 1800 golf courses in 43 states and Ontario, Canada. GolfNow provides search capabilities on a local area, dates, zip code, dates, number of players, amount of discount, and starting times. Each tee times shows you the name of the golf course, the greens fee discount, the greens fee, and whether it includes a golf card, golf gps, all you can play, practice balls, and a slew of other information.

In early 2010, GolfNow merged with Last Minute Golfer was an online site my dad used in 2009 in Florida. has a directory of over 18,000 golf courses, however, the online tee times are not available in the following states: Wyoming, Alaska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Arkansas, Maine, and Rhode Island.

Golf Card International

Although you can't book online tee times, Golf Card provides discounts and 2 for 1 deals on tee times at over 3,000 golf courses across the United States and Canada. In addition, Golf Card provides car rental discounts and Pro Shop Discounts to its members.

Golf Card has a per year membership fee that allows access to golf courses from California to South Carolina. The best way to use the Golf Card is if you have a local golf course you play that accepts Golf Card. Call in advance for reservations and to get the terms of using Golf Card at any golf course you play.

Player's Pass Discount Golf Coupons

Save up to 50% at over 2000 courses with the Players Pass

Player's Pass is another discount golf site that provides discounts to its members. You become a member by paying an annual fee which gives you access to over 2,000 golf courses in the United States. You will get the most out of Player's Pass if one of its member golf courses is a course you play frequently. Online Golf Reservations

At over 1500 golf courses world wide provides coverage in 30 states, but includes more golf courses in the Canadian provinces of Prince Edward Island, British Columbia, and Alberta. It also has golf courses in Europe, Mexico, and Barbados. allows for selections by date, time, local areas, and states. People using the site can provide course review and search for available golf vacations.

The Rules of Golf - Know the rules of golf before you play

What's your favorite way to book a tee time online or to get a discounted greens fee?

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    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      I found a website, until now they were very efficient with the service. The website is easy and intuitive. Also booked once with my iphone and got a voucher discount???. So far they sell tee times in Portugal and Spain.