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Scoring With My Vintage Otey Crisman Putter

Updated on February 3, 2015

I'm Scoring With My Otey Crisman Vintage Putter

The Vintage Otey Crisman Mallet Style Putter I used seemed to eliminate pulls, pushes, and any thought of the yips. I did not realize how comfortable and easy it was to stroke a hickory shafted putter. It was like butta' ...

The first I had ever heard of Otey Crisman was while visiting a friend in Florida for a few days. Mid February "2013" and an opportunity to thaw out, you bet I was going. The plan was to borrow a set of clubs while I visited and that is exactly what I did. The thing I wasn't aware of though, is that I would also be introduced to the name of Otey Crisman and a No.18 Super Deluxe Hickory Shafted Putter manufactured some 50-60 years ago.

No, no one was trying to play a joke on me. I had other putter choices, but for kicks I thought I would try out this vintage mallet style putter and then the magic began. I'm not going to pretend I was putting as well as Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus or Ben Crenshaw, statistically the three greatest putters to ever play the game, but I had a personal putting streak that was as good as I can ever remember.

After three days of multiple six to fifteen footers for one put,(*Note - I hadn't played in two months) I even managed my first (and only) birdie of the trip - sinking an ominous, right to left, twenty foot, side hill downhill putt to win the hole. The rest of my game was more or less typical, but the Otey Crisman was so much fun to putt with that my bogey handicap felt like scratch.

We get a winter season where I live and it will be another month before I get to hit my clubs again and I'll be ready; As soon as I got back from the trip, I went online to eBay and found a Vintage Otey Crisman putter I could call my own.

Image Credit: Author winlins Vintage Otey Crisman No. 18

Where Can I Find A Vintage Otey Crisman Putter?


Where do I find an Otey Crisman Putter?

Answer: The hand made Otey Crisman Putters are still manufactured in limited quantities at their factory in Selma, Alabama . The company which is still in the Crisman family is currently managed by Otey's son; Otey Crisman III. You can find the brand new versions of the Otey Crisman putters in finer pro shops and online golf retailers, or you can go to eBay and search for a vintage Otey Crisman at a fraction of the several hundred dollar price tag, that's where I found mine.

I understand some people want a brand new putter so they can break it in so-to-speak, but for my money I prefer a little piece of history. There is something alluring about the patina of a vintage hickory shafted putter and it is so comfortable in my hands that every roll seems pure.

Who Is Otey Crisman

Question: Who is Otey Crisman?

Answer: Otey Crisman was a golfer and a golf club maker, specializing in putters and wedges, who saw his heyday as a golfer in the 1940s.

According to the current day distributors of the Otey Crisman Putter. the summer of 1946 when Otey Crisman, Jr., a touring professional golfer from Selma, Alabama, was preparing for the US Open qualifier which was to be held that year in Birmingham, Alabama. He was scoring poorly with a blade putter commonly used at the time, but had an idea for a mallet style putter...

The story goes on tell us how Otey hand crafted a model of his own putter design from wood and had a local forge cast one for him... He qualified fourth for the U.S. open that year. The twist was that his mallet style putter was soon to be one of the most popular putters on the tour, eventually winning 5 Masters.

Otey Crisman Putter Winning 4 In A Row

Otey Crisman, Alabama Sports Hall of Fame

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Were You Familiar With Otey Crisman Before Today?

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    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      @shellys-space: My daughter walk in with a wooden shafted club she said someone threw it in the trash so s he grabbed it. upon further inspection , i saw it was a Otey Chrisman, 16HBW Brass head on aluminium with wood on back .

    • shellys-space profile image

      Shelly Sellers 5 years ago from Midwest U.S.A.

      I know more about the Otey Crisman golf putter now :)