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Paintball Grenades, Launchers & Landmines

Updated on October 18, 2014

Add a New Level of Fun to Your Scenario Paintball Game!

Make your scenario paintball game much more interesting and exciting by adding paintball grenades and landmines! These accessories are very realistic and create new opportunities for the use of different strategies and unique ways of eliminating your opponents. Paintball grenades can be either thrown or shot out of a paintball grenade launcher to cover your enemy with a blanket of paint. Paintball landmines are set on the ground for your opponent to step on; causing a cloud of gas or spray of paintball paint. To use paintball grenades and landmines, you will need several other pieces of necessary accessory equipment.

Paintball Grenades

Throw them or shoot them for messy fun!

Paintball grenades come in two varieties... one you can throw by hand and one that shoots out of a grenade launcher. Hand thrown paintball grenades are cheap to buy and simple to use; pull the plug and throw. Much like a water balloon, the hand-thrown grenade sprays paint on it's victims as it twirls through the air. The advantage of these types of paintball grenades is distance; they will go as far as you can throw. The disadvantage however is they're not very accurate and must be thrown right next to your opponent for him to 'maybe' get painted.

Grenade launcher paintball grenades are shells that fit into and get shot out of a launcher. These require paintballs, a charger and of course, the launcher. While the whole set up costs a bit more (about $350 or so), these type of paintball grenades are way more realistic and fun to use. Paintball grenade shells are stuffed with 17-25 paintballs (depending on the brand) and charged with a CO2/air transfer charger. Next, load them into a paintball grenade launcher; pull the trigger and launch an explosive wave of paint! While paintball grenades launched from a gun only have a working range of ~50 feet; they're excellent fun to use and really add an excitement to your game! If you're the one carrying it, you're excited and anxious to blast someone! If you happen to be on the receiving end of one of these, there is even more anxiety yet!

M79 Launcher
M79 Launcher

Paintball Grenade Launchers

Super realistic paintball weapons of mass destruction!

Paintball grenade launchers are terrific fun on the scenario battlefield. Some launchers are hand held units like an RPG, bazooka or M79 40mm grenade launcher. While these models are realistic, the most popular type remain to be paintball grenade launchers that attach to your paintball gun. These are the life like M203 and long/short Phantom grenade launchers. These scenario accessories are fun to use and safe for any paintball park or back yard.

To use them, they are loaded with a grenade shell filled with paint and CO2. Paintball grenade launchers do not, however shoot a projectile, but rather a spray of paintballs - creating a blanket of colored ammunition when fired. Most launchers have an effective range of less than 50 feet. While more fun to operate and creating much better coverage of paint, the range is much closer and the accessories are more expensive. A realistic paintball grenade launcher mounted underneath the hand guard of your tactical paintball marker really makes a statement. These attachments are not only angry to fire but add a tremendously fierce look to any paintball gun rifle. Most paintball grenade launchers are easily mounted to an RIS hand guard or any 20mm rail.

Awesome Paintball Grenade Power!

Use a paintball grenade launcher revolver to rule any scenario!

If you love the idea of blanketing your opponents with paint from a paintball grenade launcher, consider using a specialized revolver as your primary weapon! The M203 Revolver Grenade launcher can blast 6 grenades, one right after another. It comes with a three angle adjustable carbine style stock and vertical grip for awesome stabilization when firing. Keep in mind however that paintball grenade launchers only have a range of about 50 feet. They are not for precision shooting at long distances but rather for blanketing a group of players with paint at close range. If you want to carry a paintball grenade launcher as your primary weapon, be ready to handle yourself at close ranges! While this is a dangerous method of play, some players love the adrenalin of fighting close to their enemies.

Paintball Landmines

Watch where you step, you might get a paintball surprise!

Paintball landmines are totally fun to use because you can set up booby traps and mine fields for your opponents. These are also very life like and re-useable, requiring similar accessories that paintball grenades/launchers need. Paintball landmines are filled with either a simulation smoke powder or paint mix. They are then powered with a charger that transfers air from your paintball gun's CO2/hpa tank into the mine. Once stepped on, paintball landmines squirt a spray of liquid (or cloud of smoke) upward with an explosion radius of several feet. There are also landmines that can be activated with a trip wire (the M-12 landmine) for awesome booby trapping action. While landmines are generally lightly buried or covered by leaves/ground cover, they add an interesting surprise factor as well as smart strategic opportunities during play. Use paintball landmines to surround the perimeter of your base to create a deadly protective wall and alert system. Create a small mine field through a bottleneck pathway that your opponent is forced to take.

A Few Needed Accessories

How to charge paintball landmines & grenades

If you're planning to spice up your scenario game with these realistic accessories, there are a few other necessary parts you must have to make them work. Re-usable paintball grenades and landmines must be powered with CO2. To do this, you will need a charger to transfer air from your paintball gun CO2 tank or disposable CO2 cartridge. The best charger to use for this purpose is a small, handheld device that is so simple to use it can be done in the middle of a game. The AG1 Charger is lightweight, easy to carry and available either with or without a pressure gauge. The charger without the pressure gauge has a cheaper price tag, however does not offer a way to measure how much CO2 has been filled. While the AG1 Charger with pressure gauge is a bit more pricey ($75 as opposed to $25), this is the best way to make sure your paintball grenades and landmines get completely filled every time. To use the AG1 charger for transferring air from a disposable CO2 cartridge, you will also need an adaptor to fit the cartridge in, however the two parts are also available in a package deal for the easiest purchase. After connecting the AG1 charger to your CO2 tank (or disposable cartridge), simply stab the pin at the end of the charger into your grenade or landmine and CO2 will transfer into the correct reservoir.

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