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M80 Paintball Mine

Updated on October 26, 2014

M80 Paintball Mine Review

Once available only to the military for their minefield training simulations and war games, the M80 paintball mine is now available to paintball players around the world.

These battlefield simulation devices are completely reusable paint mines that have changed the way scenario paintball games are played. The M80 paintball landmine has brought even more tactical options and realism than previously seen before on the battlefield.

The M80 paint mine is designed to be planted in a sub-surface location. Standing only just over 4 inches tall, the M80 will require only a shallow hole to deploy properly.

This paintball mine needs only 25 pounds of pressure to be activated. Any enemies unfortunate enough to be caught in the blast zone will be crying all the way back to their base.

M80 Paintball Mine Instructional Video

Paintball Mine Liquid Paint
Paintball Mine Liquid Paint

Paintball Mine Features

The M80 paintball mine has a reservoir capacity of 12 ounces. This reservoir is capable of housing both simulated smoke and liquid paint.

When an unsuspecting enemy steps on the pressure pad, the M80 paint mine "explodes" with a very loud 120 decibel bang and tags anything in a (up to) 15 foot radius with the simulated smoke or Liquid Paint.

The loud bang will let you know that someone has triggered your trap and allowing you time to prepare for a possible attack.

This Paintball Mine is Loud - Click..Bang!

Paintball Mine Package
Paintball Mine Package

M80 Paintball Mines Are Reusable

The most important factor to consider when buying the M80 paintball mine is the fact that it is reusable.

The M80 paint mine is powered by a 12 gram disposable Co2 cartridge making it very cheap to recharge. After the initial purchase price, the average cost for each use of the M80 is $2.50 USD.

That is a very low cost compared to some of the other similar products out there.

Final Thoughts About the M80 Paintball Mine

The growing demand for battlefield simulation devices has made products like this become more mainstream, and therefore, much more affordable. These paint mines are beginning to appear in more scenario paintball games and tactical training exercises around the globe.

Using the M80 paintball landmine in conjunction with other battlefield simulation devices, such as the RAP4 pressure activated training landmine or a RAP4 Smoke Grenade, will ensure that your base is heavily fortified from an enemy incursion.

Paintball Mine Safety

Please remember that the M80 paintball landmine is not a toy intended for children. It is designed to be used for scenario paintball games and tactical training exercises. Any misuse of products like these can result in serious injury.

Please exercise extreme caution and always wear the proper safety equipment when using the M80 paintball mine, or any other paintball product.

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    • RhondaAlbom profile image

      Rhonda Albom 7 years ago from New Zealand

      I am speechless. Well written lens, interesting paintball mine.

    • Surfie LM profile image

      Surfie LM 7 years ago

      Ooh, neat! I've heard of paintball grenades, but this is the first I've seen of paintball mines. Very informative lens. Thumbs up.