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paradoxes of modern football

Updated on February 22, 2016


Today we take care to talk about "the paradoxes of modern football."

Undoubtedly a world where a lot of money is handled, however, money is not the key to success and even though many teams worldwide spend large amounts of millions of money, that does not guarantee athletic success.

Is it a paradox? Yes, it is a paradox. The ratio of investment vs. result often accompanied by hand but that does not imply that takes great teams win turners, competitions and championships safely.

Failure to invest in sports can ensure immediate failure. But it notes that when it comes to competition there are many factors to consider. This is where so-called "sports surprises" appear.

Great historical glories of internationally recognized clubs have been in various stages. Some players become heroes and villains as coaches.

Looks are deceiving? Yeah right if. But fans should understand that in the world of football everything is rosy and sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.



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