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A Pelican Paddleboat Spells F.U.N.

Updated on September 21, 2014

A Pelican Paddleboat - Paddleboat or Pedalboat, It's All The Same!

Welcome to my Pelican Paddleboat site!

Different parts of the country call it different things, but a "paddle boat" and a "pedal boat" are ultimately the same thing. Dependable, quiet water craft that you and your family can peacefully enjoy for a long time to come. A Pelican Paddleboat fits the bill perfectly!

While most people think of a pedal boat as a foot powered boat and a paddle boat as a type of canoe or kayak, the real deal is that MANY people think a paddle boat (or paddleboat) and a pedal boat are the same thing!

Whether you "paddle" a canoe or "pedal" a foot powered craft, you get the same benefits of slowly moving across water in a calm, tranquil environment with nature's surround sound all around you. Bring a picnic lunch, bottled water, some sunscreen, and the company of someone you enjoy spending time with; and you have the makings of a great day spent away from the hustle and bustle of normal, everyday, stressful life!

Isn't it worth taking the time to "get away" from stress every so often? Isn't it a good idea to grab the family and go spend time together where everyone can have a great day? Isn't it nice to just spend a quiet, peaceful day away from it all?

Yeah, sounds good, doesn't it?

So grab your Pelican paddleboat, throw it in the back of the truck or trailer, and head for some quiet water so you can enjoy your day with the family. Building memories with your loved ones is what it's all about, isn't it? By the way, the above photo is one of me and My Derek (my husband and I each have a son named Derek)

More Paddleboat Pleasure - Paddleboats Provide Hours of Family Entertainment! Pelican Paddleboats Are No Exception!

Paddleboat - Santos and his Derek
Paddleboat - Santos and his Derek

More Pelican Products

If you are interested in another Pelican product, please visit Pelican Apex. I also have another lens that talks about the fun new sport of Paddle Boarding. There is a great video on that site that walks a newbie through the beginner steps of how to find the sweet spot on the board, how to stand up, how to paddle properly, and how to fall. Very cool video.

Paddleboating - Bring-Along Recommendations - Because "LIFE" Happens When You Least Expect It! Even In A Pelican Paddleboat!

Childs Water Vest for Paddleboat
Childs Water Vest for Paddleboat

When you need to get away from the "hustle and bustle" of everyday stressful life, there isn't anything to beat throwing the paddle boat in the back of the truck and heading off to a nearby body of water to go paddling OR pedaling!

I think everyone lives with their cell phones in their pockets, so I won't hammer that one, however, since you'll be on the water, it's a good idea to place it inside of a ziploc-type plastic bag IN CASE it gets dropped into the water!

You should always have a few adult life jackets and children jackets on hand for safety, as well as a good first aid kit, preferably one in an air tight, waterproof container.

A waterproof flashlight should also be in your "list to have with you" items when you go paddle boating.

I also recommend having 2 more items always with you in any kind of water craft; an extra paddle with a "boat grip" is a real good idea in case something happens and so is a pack of survival blankets. I don't care how low maintenance and safe this kind of boat craft is, LIFE HAPPENS!

It pays to be prepared. Having these few extra items could make the difference in being comfortable or "safe" in an emergency or being in BIG trouble because you didn't make the effort to be prepared for any situation!

Stay safe and have a GREAT time paddling around!

Paddleboat Heaven
Paddleboat Heaven

Have a Pond Or Lake in Your Back Yard?

Maybe you've been thinking about getting a paddleboat to have near the water so you can pedal across that smooth surface when the mood hits? Maybe you thought they were too expensive? Maybe you thought there was too much maintenance involved (almost zero!)?

Whatever the reason you've been holding off, check out the line of Pelican Paddleboats now and see how easy it would be to have one in YOUR backyard!

The "New" Waterfront Property - Ways To Use Your Pelican Paddleboat More!

Canals, Lakes, and Ponds - Great Spots To Use Your Pedal Boat

In the "old" days, waterfront property was usually thought of as "ocean front" or "beach front" and occasionally "lake front", but it was usually a BIG body of water that was connected to your property.

These days, a small canal or pond finger winding behind your home is considered "waterfront property"!

Landlocked areas now have many homes with waterfront property as ponds, lakes, and canals are oftentimes mandated when creating subdivisions for large quantities of families to move into. This creates lots of opportunities for people to discover the pleasures of paddle or pedal boating. In these instances, you don't even need a truck or trailer to haul your water craft to the water, it is already available right there on your property. So handy and so cool to have. Depending on the drop off to the water, you may need to have a dock built and you'll probably want to purchase a paddleboat cover to keep your craft in good condition, but the advantages of having a spot to just slide your paddleboat into the water so outweighs the negatives of having to store your craft outside.

Most of these canals, lakes, and ponds do NOT allow watercraft with an engine on them for environmental protection; making paddleboats a perfect choice to have available.

Features To Look For In a Paddleboat! - Things You Want To Have With Your Paddleboat

Paddle Boating With Son
Paddle Boating With Son

Things to Consider When Looking for the Best Paddleboat for you

OK, there are a few things that are a must when you are shopping for a paddleboat, right?

Things like comfortable seats to make pedaling for longer periods of time less tiring. This will also put less strain on your back. I will admit that even the most comfortable seats can do with MORE cushion for those long hauls (or if you plan on using your water craft often) and a good seat cushion can improve even the best water experience.

The Pelican Paddleboat has exclusive adjustable seat backs and very comfortable seat cushions as part of the main model. Again, ALL models could do with even more cushion, in my opinion, and obviously others, because an awful lot of this type of water cushion is purchased every month.

Space for a cooler is a "must" in many people's opinion and the Pelican Paddleboat also has this included. It has a removable, walk-on cooler/compartment lid with adapter right on board or you can remove the lid/adapter and there's plenty of space to replace it with a full size carry-on cooler. And, yes, there are pre-molded cup holders so your cups and cans will stay in the boat and not fall out into the water.

This model also can carry up to three persons comfortably, weight capacity is up to 525 lbs.

A canopy is a "must" for many people. Add a tube or bottle of sunscreen and you are all good for the day. The canopy will help you avoid sunburn and give some cooling shade during the hot hours of the day.

All in all, the Pelican Paddleboat includes all of the most wanted items that purchasers look for when they are shopping for paddleboats.

Kick up rudder and canopy are factory installed with a warranty.

Would You Mind Leaving Feedback for my Paddleboat site?

Did you enjoy this lens? Can you give me some feedback or a thumbs up? Be the first to submit a blurb!

Thank you,


Like To Become A Weekend Paddler? - Check Out The Pelican Paddleboat and Discover How Much Fun It Is!

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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      This looks like so much fun!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      My grandsons and I have paddle boated before on a lake close the house. They have lots of fun and I enjoy spending time with them. I liked your site.

    • OhMe profile image

      Nancy Tate Hellams 

      8 years ago from Pendleton, SC

      I haven't been on a Paddleboat in several years but do enjoy it and enjoyed this lens.

    • WritingforYourW profile image


      8 years ago

      haha, I totally remember these from camping at the lake as a kid. We always used to rent them. I don't think I could race one, though... I was better at getting them stuck and trying to figure out how to go in reverse. :P

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Nice lens - I enjoyed the video

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      This looks like so much FUN!!!!! I'm sending this lens to my husband to see what he thinks. Nice lens!

    • KarenTBTEN profile image


      8 years ago

      Nicely done. I think I prefer to pedal as opposed to paddle -- I'm better at it.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Nice Lens. I'm actually shopping around for a paddleboat, I'll be back!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Wow, this is GREAT! So much information and this sounds like a whole lot of fun that I didn't even consider. Thanks,


    • profile image


      8 years ago

      My sister has one for the lake behind her house. I used to go out there with my niece and go fishing. She used to get a kick out of fishing off the paddleboat.


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