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Pessoa Gen X Saddle - Get The Edge Over Your Competitors

Updated on September 15, 2012

What Makes The Pessoa Gen X Stand Out?

The Pessoa Gen X Saddles are top-of-the-class performance saddles which are perfect for flatwork as well as jumping. Both the Savanna and Oakbark saddles include an easy gullet exchange tree which allows the rider to make changes to the saddle quickly.

It's as easy as changing the plate. Pessoa's professional saddle line was created with durability in mind as well as the rider's ability to control the horse .

Pessoa Gen X Saddle Qualities

The tree of the Pessoa Gen X Saddles are insured for 20 years. This is the kind of guarantee that speaks to the exceptional quality of the product. The professional model is the pinacle achievement of the Pessoa Gen X line.

The hidden stitching increases the durability of the saddle. Additionally, wrap-around shoulder panels cushion your horse while allowing you to maintain the proper distance for control.


Before buying a saddle, it's best to read a Horse Saddle Comparison review.

Pessoa Gen X Saddles - Features and Benefits

As mentioned above, the easy change plates are a key selling feature of the Pessoa Gen X. Consumers often boast regarding the versatility of this saddle. The Oakbark model of the Rodrigo Pessoa Gen X has deep seats, which contour the rider's frame.

High performance riding rests on your ability to ride low and close to your horse. Additionally, the broken-in feel of the leather increases the comfortableness of the saddle without being too mushy or soft. You'll be comfortable whill being able to stay in place.

Unlike many other saddles, the seat doesn't get its broken-in feeling from being greasy - the result of excessive oiling that degrades the leather and reduces the lifetime of the product. Instead, the leather is hand curried to make it comfortable without the stick.

The detailing on many of Pessoa Gen X Saddles is exquisite. Hand leather tooling, stitching as well as copper and silver plating makes sure that you look as beautifully as you ride with this saddle.

Pessoa Gen X Saddles - Any Drawbacks?

The Pessoa Gen X Saddles are the work of perfectionist craftsmen. The manufacturers of the Pessoa Gen X have dedicated themselves to produce saddles of quality and durability. Essentially, everyone should be able to find a Pessoa Gen X that is right for them.

I can't really say that there are any major drawbacks to this line. If you choose the saddle that best fits your needs, you won't be disappointed. Choose wisely. To read in-depth saddle reviews, visit

Pessoa Gen X Saddles - Summary and Recommendation

The Pessoa Gen X Saddles are an amazing line that holds something for everyone. However, I can't stress it enough. Take your time to find the one that is right for you. The company has put great effort into developing saddles that suit different riders.

After buying one of these saddles, customers always rave about how they feel like the saddle was made exclusively for them. If you find the right saddle, you can't go wrong with a Pessoa Gen X. Every saddle in the line comes highly recommended by those who own each respective model.

If you're interested on reading a review on the general Pessoa saddle line itself, read our Rodrigo Pessoa Saddles review. If you're looking for a saddle for a young learner, we recommend reading our Pessoa Rodrigo Pony saddle review.

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