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Peyton Manning Jerseys- Get the Gear of the Greatest GQ of all time

Updated on July 20, 2014

Are you looking for a Peyton Manning Denver Jersey?

I can understand why. I am not even a Denver fan specifically, but I have crazy respect for Peyton Manning as a player and a QB. I truly feel he may be the best QB of all time.

Even better Manning does it the right way. He is not the best simply because he has some god given talent, although he has that. By all reports, he is the best because he is the hardest working. First to practice, last to leave, and spends his off hours researching his opponents. That is the type of discipline and dedication you can really respect.

So, even though I am a Giants fan, and Denver is my number 2 or 3 team (depending on the week) I still own a Peyton Manning Jersey and I am quite proud of it.

Is Peyton Manning really the best?

Manning is on his track to be a hall of fame player. That much is for sure. If he were to be hurt on his very first throw in next weeks game, he would still be a first ballot inductee to the football hall of fame. He is just that good.

Some people may not pick him as the best of all time, perhaps liking their own pet QB, like Johnny Unitas, Brette Favre, John Elway, Dan Marino or even the next best current QB in my opinion, Tom Brady.

But I think that Peyton Manning is the best, and he is really showing it this 2013 season, now that he has an arsenal of talented wide receivers. He is on pace, as I write this, to set all sorts of single season QB records, and he is doing it when his team is mostly winning. This is important because often QB's have big numbers when they are playing from behind, since teams get conservative once they have a safe lead. But Peyton is so good his offense just tramples many teams making his numbers, specifically touchdown's sky high this season.

So the question isn't why would you want a Peyton Manning Denver Jersey, but why wouldn't you want one?

Are you a fan of this superstar Denver QB? Why not check out my Peyton Manning Fan Page

Some of the different styles of Peyton's Denver Jersey's

Number 18 Peyton Manning
Number 18 Peyton Manning

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